Thursday, May 10, 2012

SEC Scheduling for 2012-2013

So, with the 2011-2012 season behind us, now is the time to begin discussing something that has had little attention to this point: creating the SEC schedules for the 12+2 SEC schools for this coming season. As frustrated as we all get over how late SEC schools release schedules, it should be safe to say that this trend can only get worse for this upcoming landmark season for the conference. We are already coming off of a season with the enacted removal of the Eastern/Western Divisional Standings, while maintaining the existing regional scheduling. The only thing that seems certain at this point is moving from a 16-game to an 18-game SEC schedule. So, with the upcoming SEC meetings in the next month or so, the following additional questions should be answered:

1. Do we revert back to the Divisional Standings? (By going to 14 teams, this may be on the table again for all we know)
2. Do we still maintain the existing regional scheduling? (i.e. Alabama plays all of the Western teams twice while playing each Eastern team once? That is the equivalent of (6*2)+7=19, so something has to give.)
3. Do we rotate in the West and have Bama play all but one Western team twice and each Eastern team once to make the math work out?
4. Do we rotate in the East and have Bama play all of the Western teams twice and play all but one of the East teams once to make the math work out?

Also, when it comes to the conference tourney, they also have to choose between these two likely scenarios:

5. Playing a 14-team tournament (you can pull this off having only the top 2 teams get byes, and having 6 Thursday games instead of the current 4 games.
6. Ditching the bottom 2 teams, maintaining the existing post-season format. (Knowing that conference expansion is all about the $$$, I'm thinking this may not go far, but what do I know?)

There may be other scenarios that is on the table that we do not yet know about. As you can see, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm treating this as an open dialogue, so feel free to post your thoughts.

Roll Tide!


DJC said...

My vote would be no divisions. We could keep the 16 game schedule and each team has 3 permanent "rivals" they play twice every year, everyone else rotates home and home. I'm thinking our rivals would be $tate, auburn, and tennessee. I like a 14 team tourney with only the top 2 getting byes and 6 Thursday games.

Hville said...

From everything I have seen, it looks like the 18 game schedule is gonna happen. As for the SEC tournament, if they do have a 6-game Thursday, then they need to figure out the game times so they avoid the last game finishing after midnight.

finebammer said...

personally, i like the idea of eliminating the two worst teams from the tournament. it's called incentive. why should every team get in??

as far as losing any money, i'm not sure how doing that would cause any significant loss of revenue. other than maybe to the teams left out.

do something different. lead.

concerning the regular season, i like option 3.

bobbyjack said...

I like what DJC posted... 1 division with 3 perm 'rivals'. I'd go Barn, M$U and Arkansas though.

I'd ditch the bottom 2 teams for the SECT.

alabamalib said...

Yes, let the worse SEC teams stay home when it comes time for the tournament.

Personally I favor having Divisions in the SEC. If there had been such this year, Alabama men would have been Western-SEC Champs in basketball, and we did play the exact same schedule as we did last year and did make it to the NCAA.

Next year we have more teams involved, and I think it's ugly to have all 14 having to fight out 1-14th place. Of what meaningfulness is there to have SEC battles for 10th place, 11th place, 12th place, etc?????? SPARE ME !

The additions of Texas A&M and Missouri will only increase the balance of the divisions (but I would kick Town-of-Awbarn out of the west and send them to the east and put Mizzou on the western side). And I would do this for Women's Basketball as well. Heck, aren't all the other team sports in the SEC arranged as East and West Divisions (soccer, volleyball, football, softball, baseball, tennis)??? By the way, Alabama's Women's Tennis is the SEC-West Champion this year!