Friday, June 01, 2012

Bama-BearCats to face off in SEC-Big East Challenge

We travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bearcats on Saturday, December 1st, as part of the SEC-Big East Challenge.  Unfortunately, this falls on the same day as the SEC football championship game.

Other matchups in the challenge include:
South Carolina @ St. John's
Seton Hall @ LSU
Kentucky @ Notre Dame
Marquette @  Florida
Georgia @ South Florida
Depaul @ Auburn
Tennessee @ Georgetown
Syracuse @ Arkansas
mi$$i$$ippi $tate @ Providence
Rutgers @ Ole Miss
Villanova @ Vanderbilt.


bobbyjack said...

A real basketball fan will skip the SECCG for a road trip to Cincy.

Since it's not during the week I doubt I'll make it. Would be a fun one to see in person though.

MSmilie said...

Syracuse is trying to get out their game at Arkansas because they are "over committed and can't play at this point", according to the Syracuse AD, Daryl Gross. Pitt was not selected to play in the event at all so maybe the Big East changes the opponent to Pittsburgh.

A road game at Cincinnati will be difficult. It took Cronin a while in the wake of the Huggins termination, but he's finally got the Cincinnati program back up and running. I do think we will match up well with them. It should be a good game.

Hville said...

Leave it to Syracuse to whine about travelling to Arkansas, considering they almost always manage to not have to leave their state till conference play starts every season....

finebammer said...

it's been my observation that cincinnati and xavier are two of the dirtiest programs in college basketball. 'bama better have their lunch packed when they get to cincy.