Monday, June 04, 2012

SEC Scheduling Format set

Full details here

Basically, we are going to an 18 game schedule, with one permanent rival (auburn) who we will always play twice, and rotating home/away series with 4 other schools at a time.  The tournament expanded to include play-in games on Wednesday.  In one sense, this is good for us, as we draw arguably the worst basketball program in the SEC as our permanent rival.  On the other hand, continuing to play auburn twice per year will not do our RPI any favors.

I like the format, it makes the most logical sense, but depending on how the 4 team rotations work out, somebody could really get screwed on the scheduling.  Imagine a scenario where we have 8 games against Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and Vanderbilt while $tate has 8 games against auburn, LSU, South Carolina, and Georgia.


bobbyjack said...

I hate that the Barn is our 'rival'. They will continue to kill our RPI.

I think I like divisions better with 14 (and at some point 16) teams.

bamalib said...

What is meant by the term, "play-in game" ?


An additional problem with the "rotation" teams is unfairness associated with who gets to host single games against certain teams. An SEC Championship could come down simply to who is getting the advantage as the Home Team.

Hville said...

Looks like I was right about the 18 game schedule, but having only 1 locked rival was a scenario I never broached as an option in my earlier post.

Auburn stills sucks. M$U would have been the one I would have liked to have kept as a hoops rival. It just makes sense....

MSmilie said...

Lib: it means the bottom four teams in the conference will have to play their way in to the traditional format of the tournament by playing a game on Wednesday.

And you had inquired in an earlier post about Montrezl Harrell's recruitment: he has signed with Louisville.