Thursday, July 26, 2012

2K sports Classic in NYC revealed.

We open up with Oregon State in the first game at Madison Square Garden.  Villanova and Purdue are on the other side of the bracket.  Those should all be pretty good matchups.  I am going to continue my reputation as resident, overly optimistic homer and pick us over Purdue at this point.  Of course, I reserve the right to change my prediction as we get into the season.  I am going to try to arrange a work trip to NYC for those days.

Read more from ESPN here.


Anonymous said...

Is there any way you guys could feature an ongoing recruiting thread? Cat Barber was apparently injured in the televised AAU game last night.

MSmilie said...

I actually think Oregon State is the toughest match-up with Nova and Purdue appearing to be in for rebuilding seasons (not that Oregon St has done much lately).

I'll be bold and say that Alabama appears to be the most talented team in the field. Barring injuries or off-court issues, I will be disappointed if Bama doesn't win this event.

I'll pick Bama over Nova in the final.

Anonymous: I can't speak for the other writers on this site, but I don't follow the AAU circuit nor do I have the desire to start. Being a working stiff, I just don't have enough time in the day.

Anonymous said...

OK , never mind about recruiting.

bamalib said...

November 15 & 16 are the dates of these games.

What time of year do the basketball schedules usually become released to the public? August or September ?


bobbyjack said...

Late August bamalib. Most of it is already set, but for a few scrub games.

DJC said...

M, I agree with your assessment and I actually think Villanova is a better team than Purdue this year, but I picked Purdue because there seems to be an NCAA rule requiring us to play them every year.

Anonymous, I would like to see a recruiting thread as well, as I TRY to follow it, but information is very difficult to come by. It definitely seemed like there were more leaks regarding recruiting info when CMG was here.

Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the televised game the other night. I do try to post links when I come across articles involving prospects that I know we are pursuing, and I encourage others to do so in the comments as well. Obviously, right now the focus is on Cat Barber and Troy Williams. I honestly believe if we land both of them, we could be a final 4 caliber team within a couple of years.