Sunday, July 01, 2012

Former Bama players getting PAID in the NBA

Let's start off with our pal Gerald Wallace who signed with the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets for 4yrs/$40 million. Good for him as I thought he was way underutilized in his one season at the Capstone. Unfortunately, he harbors resentment towards the University and not where it should be which is toward xCMG.

Next up, Mo Williams gets traded back to Utah from the LA Clippers in a 4 team deal and exercised his $8.5 million option for the upcoming season.

Finally, Alonzo Gee has overcome the odds of being an undrafted player to being coveted by many teams. The Cavaliers have extended a $2.7 million qualifying offer to him. Not bad for a guy that passed through the NBDL in Austin. Something I didn't know until recently, the great Quin Synder coached Alonzo Gee in Austin. You know Quin from being the ex-Mizzou coach.


finebammer said...

" Unfortunately, he harbors resentment towards the University and not where it should be which is toward xCMG."

how gottfried handled wallace, in hindsight, was a precursor to the ron steele debacle.

due to the babying of rod grizzard, wallace decided to move on to the nba after his first year. during the one season wallace was at alabama, there was a lot of behind the scenes carping going on between gottfried and wallace's aau coaches.

gottfried felt like those coaches were trying to stab him in the back and after gerald left, gottfried wouldn't let it go. gottfried was interviewed by the birmingham news (can't remember the writer, was probably scarbinsky considering how far he had his head up gottfried's ass) and instead of wishing wallace well, he continued the spat publicly.

the fact is wallace made a mistake signing with alabama. he would have been much better served going to a true basketball school and program and would likely be commanding better money and be a better player.

mark gottfried is a piece of shit in my book and if i happened upon him on a sidewalk burning, i wouldn't piss on him.

on the other side gerald is a truly good person who comes back to childersburg regularly and does many fine things there you don't hear about in the local press.

he's one of the few who have had the nba riches rain on him with seemingly no ill effects.

Richson said...

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BamaLib said...

We will never know what could have happened for Gerald Wallace's sophomore and junior years at the University of Alabama. Yes, we can guess and speculate and muse and predict and fathom all we want all day long, but we cannot know the "truth" about it without being the Omniscient of the Universe.

And compared to most colleges in the USA, the University of Alabama indeed is a "true basketball school", thanks to Coach Newton and Coach Sanderson, and to all the Crimson Tide Fans that truly love their Crimson Tide and eagerly anticipate the return to Glory in the days ahead !

finebammer said...

"And compared to most colleges in the USA, the University of Alabama indeed is a "true basketball school", thanks to Coach Newton and Coach Sanderson,........"

i will agree that under the fold, alabama has a basketball tradition most are unaware of.

there was a time we were only second to kentucky in conference success. that was a long time ago. we have since been passed by florida, tennessee and vanderbilt. there are reasons for that.

the fact is c. m. newton left because of his frustration with the athletic dept. and it's attitude towards basketball. that's just a fact.

sanderson made a clown of himself to bring attention to his program. that's also a fact.

rather than try to address sanderson's affair, which was known about in the athletic dept., never doubt that, hootie ingram let sanderson hang himself. there's no doubt in my mind that was to regain control of a program ingram thought had gotten 'too big for it's britches'.

there have been football flunkies around that athletic dept. for years with animosity toward basketball. i can't tell you the number of people i've had tell me that they equated good basketball at alabama with bad football.

couple that with a lack of understanding of what it takes to have a nationally competitive basketball program and you have the ingredients for a second (sometimes third, according who the coach is at the time) rate program.

the university of kentucky doesn't send letters to season ticket holders telling them to basically sit down and shut up at games. that has happened in the past at alabama.

what goes on in that ticket office during basketball season is a travesty.

hell, auburn and uab have facilities more suited for basketball than we do. that in itself is an outrage and pretty much sums up the attitude towards basketball at alabama. ever watch a televised game from coleman? it seems as if you're five miles from the action because of the seating angle. coleman is NOT a basketball arena. yet we "renovate" that dump and continue to play there.

i recall a kid by the name of rashad anderson out of mobile gottfried was recruiting against calhoun at uconn for. i can envision anderson taking one walk around coleman and getting the hell out to go play for a real basketball coach and program. (if you'll recall anderson laid 36 points on us to end that elite eight run in '05)

most folks here get aggravated with my negativity towards alabama basketball but i can't help it, they've programmed me to be this way. i know that they could have a national championship basketball program if they wanted it.

but it requires an attitude adjustment. folks down there don't respond well to those. look at the textbook deal coach saban had to deal with his second season. after how many probations and they can't police that correctly???

finebammer said...


lately we've all noticed the perceived influence of nick saban on other sports at the capstone. while i've been rather disappointed with his attention to the basketball program, the fact is he's shown some and seems to understand that excellence in other sports helps attract positive attention to his football program. this gives me a glimmer of hope.

only time will tell if it's an anomaly or if there's something really going on here.

our recruiting seems to have taken a turn for the better. we're recruiting against kansas for players. but we've been there before. recall beating out unc for richard hendrix. (where's he at now?)

but the fact is a "return to glory" for alabama is a return to the second weekend of ncaa tournament play.

i know i'm in an extreme minority in saying, no matter how bad things have been recently, that's not good enough for me.

i know some here who tire of my rants but i want nothing but the best for this program. (best as defined as a national championship)

after 30 plus years of following, just damn tired of waiting.


finebammer said...

" i can't tell you the number of people i've had tell me that they equated good basketball at alabama with bad football."

from a post at a lsu blog called "and the valley shook" welcoming new sec members texas a & m andy missouri:

"DON'T brag about your basketball team. No one cares. Bragging about hoops is just telling the rest of the conference you suck at football. Win a bowl game, then you can brag about basketball."

and this from a fan of an institution who has a pretty decent basketball tradition.

bobbyjack said...

I'll say this... I'm a pessimist when it comes to instate support for hoops. I've traveled to a few pre-conference tourneys and the attendance was lousy. Heck, we have a hard time selling out marquee non-conference games, yet the house is packed when we play the Barn?!?!? I've accepted it... it is what it is.

MSmilie said...

It's pretty simple. Other sports at Alabama will always lurk in the shadow of football. The only way to increase support for the other sports is to win, and win consistently. Everyone loves Bama softball now, but no one gave a damn before the trips to the CWS.

I believe Alabama can be a consistent winner in basketball, but they're going to have to do it the hard way without the support and backing that the schools who bleed basketball provide.

In a way, I understand it. If you're in charge of the money at the University of Alabama, do you really want to pour money into something that may not yield a return? Auburn builds a nice new arena, and no one goes to the games unless it's Bama or Kentucky. Where's the return on that investment? There's no guarantee that tearing down Coleman and building a new arena won't be met with similar ambivalence by the Alabama fanbase. Don't get me wrong, I hate that's the way it appears to be. I'm sure a hardcore Kentucky football fan feels our pain.

If Anthony Grant or another head coach down the line can make Bama into an SEC contender and start to have some postseason success, the casual fans will follow and there will be more pressure to upgrade the facilities. This could have happened under Gottfried if he had been able to take advantage of the momentum gained by the 01-02 team that won the SEC title. Instead, the program was a slow fade from that point forward.

Anonymous said...

If I were a 5-star basketball recruit looking at the negative messages above, I would not consider UA.

MSmilie said...

Anonymous: Really?!? If a 5-star recruit is swayed by something written at this blog, then Anthony Grant and his staff are not doing their job. Seriously, no recruit should pick a school based on the ramblings of fans on a sports blog.

bobbyjack said...

lol. If a recruit reads messageboards chances are he'd go to trade school instead.

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