Monday, July 30, 2012

Scheduling and Marketing

1.  According to CBS Sports, the SEC has changed the schedule, and our's is supposed to get easier.  I'm not sure how much easier you can get than having auburn as your permanent rival, but perhaps it means we were originally slated to play Kentucky, Mizzou, or Florida twice and now only play one of them once?  Assuming our schedule actually did get easier, that's better for trying to get a good seed in the SEC tournament, but bad for the all important RPI purposes.  Regardless, I don't like the SEC office unilaterally changing something that all coaches had already agreed to.

2.  Myself and others have talked a lot on here in the past about how the athletic department should do a better job of marketing the program.  Some of you may recall, I went to Kansas City last year to watch us get run out of the gym at the Wildcat classic in front of a very large and mostly classless crowd.  Since then, I get at least one piece of mail per month from K-State and multiple emails per week.  Today, I got a telephone call with a recording of their head coach inviting me to come watch practice.  They are relentless, and it is somewhat annoying in that I obviously don't give a damn about K-State, but I would like to see more of that type of effort from Alabama.  Season ticket holders get a robo-call from Coach Grant inviting them to a closed practice, but perhaps we should do the same and have an open practice for everyone who has bought a ticket?  The constant emails and mailings to everyone who has ever bought a ticket could serve to keep the program on the minds of the more casual fans.  I would suggest we figure out a way to do it geographically though, so that we aren't wasting our money sending stuff to visiting fans over 700 miles away.

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