Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kentucky, UGA, and Miss St 2012-13 schedules

The national champs have a less than stellar non-conference slate with Maryland, Duke (I plan on going to that game), @ Notre Dame, and Baylor.

M$U probably gets to fight Chaminade for last in the Maui Invitational as UNC and the Butler/Marquette loser will steamroll them. Sadly, that's the 411 on their non-conference schedule... it reads worse than Auburn's a few years ago.

UGA has Indiana, the UCLA/Georgetown loser, and USC on the slate. Nothing overly tough.

M$U (since Stansbury is gone I might have to retire the $... $.02 to DJC for this)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Floor Coming to Coleman

The basketball court is currently being removed and will be replaced with a new design.  I have not yet heard what that design will be.  Personally, I think it's time to bring back the parquet.

Auburn and Florida's 2012-13 schedule

The Barn has stepped it up with games in the Charleston Classic (lots of good teams in there) @ Boston College, home to Rhode Island. FSU, and Depaul and a game vs Illinois in Chicago. Granted the names sound better than the actual teams, but it's a step up from years past for them.

Florida as usual isn't scared to play the big boys. Games against Georgetown, Wisconsin, Marquette, FSU, Arizona, and Kansas St is actually tougher than the SEC season for them.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vandy and Tennessee 2012-13 schedules

Vanderbilt scheduled pretty solid out of conference with Nova, Xavier, Oregon, Butler, Davidson, and maybe West Virginia on the slate.

Tennessee has Memphis, Georgetown, Virginia, Wichita St and possibly Oklahoma St on the schedule. Both should be well tested before conference play.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ole Miss' 2012-13 schedule

With a pathetic non-conference slate, Andy Kennedy better win 11 games in conference to have a chance at the NCAAT. I suspect he falls short of that... and his job goes buh-bye.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss does get to go to Hawaii... to the 2nd rate tourney there. I will say Oahu has better facilities compared to that HS gym in Maui. Still, honolulu as one of the natives told me years ago is 'Detroit with a beach.' Regardless, it's just a short Hawaiian Air flight (or a puddle-jumper) to any of the much better islands.

LSU's 2012-13 basketball schedule (or most of it)

There seems to be a gap between Nov 29th and Dec 11 which I assume is still being worked on.

Only real non-conference team of note is @ Marquette. I see Boise St on the schedule, but it's the wrong sport. I really want to see Boise St match up one day against us, LSU, Arkansas, or Florida in football.

LSU should be the suck this season. Once I publish all of the SEC schedules I'll make an attempt to predict final standings 1-14.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bye Bye Ben Eblen

Ben Eblen has decided not to play basketball his senior year.  Link.

I appreciate his contributions to Alabama basketball over the last few years.  Despite a lack of size and scoring ability, he gave us some solid minutes, played good defense, and helped us win a few games.  He probably would not have seen much playing time this year with Retin taking over the backup PG role.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Troy Williams visiting this weekend

According to reports, Troy Williams will be visiting campus this weekend.  He is the 4 star power forward from Virginia, who is teammates with 5 star point guard Cat Barber, who we are also recruiting.  Let's hope he has a great time in Ttown.

Also, few things are as meaningless as bracketology in August, but here is Lunardi's early predictions.  We are an 11 seed in the west, opening with Pitt in Philly.  It is interesting to note how many of our opponents are projected to be in the field.  Five SEC teams plus VCU, Charleston Southern, Cincinnati, Mercer, and Purdue.

Friday, August 10, 2012

2012-2013 Schedule Released!

Next to selection Sunday, this is probably my favorite day of the year.  It's the day the basketball schedule is released, so I can start predicting how many games we are going to win and making travel plans to attend away games.  Apparently we already had the non-conference schedule set, and were waiting on the SEC to publicly release the schedule.  Here is the link to it on Alabama's official website.

Nov.6 v. Stillman (Exh)
Nov. 9 v. TBA (2k Sports Classic)
Nov. 11 v.TBA (2k Sports Classic)
Nov. 15 v. Oregon State (NY)
Nov. 16 v. Purdue/Villanova (NY)
Nov. 23 v. Charleston Southern
Nov. 27 v. Lamar
Dec. 1 @ Cincinnati
Dec. 5. v. Dayton
Dec. 15 @VCU
Dec. 19 @ Texas Tech.
Dec. 22 v. Mercer
Dec. 30 v. Tulane
Jan. 5 v. Oakland
Jan. 8 @Mizzou
Jan. 12. v. Tennessee
Jan. 16. @m$u
Jan. 19 v. Texas A&M
Jan. 22. v. Kentucky
Jan. 26 @Tennessee
Jan. 31 v. Arkansas
Feb. 2 @ Vandy
Feb. 6 @auburn
Feb. 9 v. LSU
Feb.12 @ Georgia
Feb. 16 v. South Carolina
Feb. 20 v. m$u
Feb. 23 @LSU
Feb. 26 v auburn
March 2. @Florida
March 5 @Ole Miss
March 9 v. Georgia.
March 14-17 SEC tournament

I've got us at 24-7, 13-5 in the SEC.  Losses to Cincinnati, VCU, Mizzou, Kentucky, Vandy, Florida, and Ole Miss.

SEC Schedule Announced

Full Schedule here

Alabama's schedule is as follows:  (all times Central)

Jan.8 Tuesday @Mizzou 6pm ESPN
Jan.12 Saturday  v. Tennessee  12 pm ESPN2
Jan.16 Wednesday @mi$$ $tate 8pm CSS
Jan. 19 Saturday v. Texas A&M 7pm SEC Network
Jan. 22 Tuesday v. Kentucky 8pm ESPN
Jan. 26 Saturday @Tennessee 1pm ESPN
Jan. 31 Thursday v. Arkansas 8pm ESPN/2
Feb. 2 Saturday @Vandy 3pm SEC Network
Feb. 6 Wednesday @auburn 7pm SEC Network
Feb. 9 Saturday v. LSU 7pm ESPN2
Feb. 12 Tuesday @Georgia 8pm ESPNU
Feb. 16 Saturday v. South Carolina 3pm ESPN/2
Feb. 20 Wednesday v.m$u 7pm SEC Network
Feb. 23 Saturday @LSU 12:30 pm SEC Network
Feb. 26 Tuesday v. auburn 6pm ESPNU
Mar. 2 Saturday @Florida 11am ESPN/2
Mar. 5 Tuesday @OleMiss 8pm ESPNU
Mar. 9 Saturday v. Georgia 3pm SEC Network

SEC Tournament Wednesday March 13- Sunday March 17 in Nashville, TN.

I'm a little disappointed that the road game at Mizzou falls during the week and we don't go to aTm, as I was looking forward to checking out the new venues.  This is not a bad schedule for us, we have 3 really difficult away games at Mizzou, Florida, and of course the automatic loss at Vandy.  We play auburn, $tate, Tennessee, LSU, and Georgia twice.  I think we could compete for 2nd or 3rd in the conference with this schedule.  I'm going to plan to attend away games at Tennessee, Vandy, auburn, LSU, and Florida.  Possibly m$u and UGA as well, but I doubt I make those.