Friday, August 10, 2012

2012-2013 Schedule Released!

Next to selection Sunday, this is probably my favorite day of the year.  It's the day the basketball schedule is released, so I can start predicting how many games we are going to win and making travel plans to attend away games.  Apparently we already had the non-conference schedule set, and were waiting on the SEC to publicly release the schedule.  Here is the link to it on Alabama's official website.

Nov.6 v. Stillman (Exh)
Nov. 9 v. TBA (2k Sports Classic)
Nov. 11 v.TBA (2k Sports Classic)
Nov. 15 v. Oregon State (NY)
Nov. 16 v. Purdue/Villanova (NY)
Nov. 23 v. Charleston Southern
Nov. 27 v. Lamar
Dec. 1 @ Cincinnati
Dec. 5. v. Dayton
Dec. 15 @VCU
Dec. 19 @ Texas Tech.
Dec. 22 v. Mercer
Dec. 30 v. Tulane
Jan. 5 v. Oakland
Jan. 8 @Mizzou
Jan. 12. v. Tennessee
Jan. 16. @m$u
Jan. 19 v. Texas A&M
Jan. 22. v. Kentucky
Jan. 26 @Tennessee
Jan. 31 v. Arkansas
Feb. 2 @ Vandy
Feb. 6 @auburn
Feb. 9 v. LSU
Feb.12 @ Georgia
Feb. 16 v. South Carolina
Feb. 20 v. m$u
Feb. 23 @LSU
Feb. 26 v auburn
March 2. @Florida
March 5 @Ole Miss
March 9 v. Georgia.
March 14-17 SEC tournament

I've got us at 24-7, 13-5 in the SEC.  Losses to Cincinnati, VCU, Mizzou, Kentucky, Vandy, Florida, and Ole Miss.


Hoot30 said...

Say hey to Tubs while you're out in Lubbock.

DJC said...

Unfortunately, that game is during the week and I won't be able to make it. I'm going to VCU and maybe Cincinnati though.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

I'm a bit disappointed in the non-conf schedule, especially compared to last year. Cincy, Purdue/Nova are certainly big names but not expected to be top 10 programs. But with the addition of Mizzou and A&M and going to 18 SEC games I guess it makes sense. I tend to agree on the losses to Cincy and VCU. Isn't UT suppose to be pretty good this year? I'd prob swap the loss in Nashville with one in Knoxville. Vandy loses everyone so we'll finally win there. I could also see a loss at UGA or LSU so maybe 11-7 or 12-6 in the league.

MSmilie said...

Due to a hectic day, I just realized the schedule was released at almost 2 in the morning. Swell.

Well, just taking a quick glance: The non-conference schedule is nowhere near as tough as a year ago, but the games at MSG, Cincinnati and VCU will all be challenging. Even the Texas Tech game. Lubbock is a craphole and is not a great trip. I could easily see the team being flat for that one. Plus, despite his sins at Kentucky, Gillespie can coach. Still, Bama should have at least 10-11 wins going into conference play.

The thing that sticks out yet again this season is no primo non-conference home games for the fans. It's tough enough to put asses in seats in November and December. Scheduling Lamar, Charleston Southern, Mercer, Tulane and Oakland (they must like T-Town) isn't going to help. Hopefully people turn out for the Dayton game.

The SEC schedule isn't bad. If the team can't beat Vandy in Nashville this season, they may never beat them there. Again, just taking a quick glance, I see 10-12 conference victories if things go well. In a year where I think the SEC will be much better, that's not a bad mark.

My early forecast is 22-9 overall, 11-7 in the SEC. Losses to Oregon State, VCU, Mizzou, Kentucky, @Tennessee, Arkansas, @Georgia, Florida (tired of losing to those guys) and Ole Miss (another place Bama struggles to win at). This is, of course, subject to change. Maybe tomorrow after a good night and early morning sleep.

bobbyjack said...

Since I'm the board 'pessimist' I'll say 20-11/10-8. Our non-conference slate worries me big time with the real lack of real name teams.

I plan on attending road games @ UGA, UTK, and if I can swing it... the NY games.

finebammer said...

i would like someone to explain to me how they think we should lose to uk. (i see we got that f'ing 8pm tip again.....on tues. nite)

calipari is scratch. period. we played the national champions off their feet last year in their house. we have more returning players than they do and we're at home. unless something blows up again, we should be favored.

we should win that early season tourney.

lose to oregon state???

we should be the best team in that tourney. period.

i can get losing at the "o" dome. but we should not lose a home game. period.

it smells bad up in here. there's some lowering of the bar here guys.

it's time for grant to produce and it's time for some around here to start expecting it.

cincy's a tough out at home.

vcu? no way. no way we should lose there.

we should beat tt.

we should sweep auburn.

ditto miss. st.

sweep lsu.

we need to sweep ole miss. we should be that much better than they are.

we lose at mizzou. should not lose again until at florida.

cincy. mizzou. florida. that's it.

if our coach is doing his job, that should be it.

and we damn well need to start expecting it.

see you in dallas.

Alex said...

I'm at 25-6, but I heres how I see the losses playing out.
@Cincy, @Tech, @Mizzou, @Tennessee, vs Arkansas, @Ole Miss

We always play UK tough and being at home I like us in that game. Grant hasn't been able to get over the UF hump yet, but I do believe this is the year. However, I think after a big win @Florida we have a letdown the next game @Ole Miss. Tennessee has a good team coming back and its always hard to win there, so having a 2 game skid and losing to Tenn and Arky isn't much of a reach. Vandy loses everyone so we should beat them. We should win the 2k sports classic, we are the best team.

All in all, I think we can nab a 4 seed going into the NCAA Tourney this year.

MSmilie said...

Bammer: I picked Kentucky because I think they have more talent than Alabama, at least on paper. I do believe this UK team could have some growing pains similar to the 2010-11 team so you may be able to trumpet your brilliance if Bama scores an upset victory.

Yes, Bama should win that early season tournament, but things don't always go according to plan in these early season tournaments.

A lowering of the bar??? Sorry, I'm trying to be an objective voice here, not a homer. I enjoy your optimism, but I'm not ready to project a 28-3 record for a team that lost it's top two scorers and was one of the worst 3-pt shooting teams in the country last season. Sorry, buddy.

Your disrespect for VCU leads me to believe you've never been to or watched a game at VCU.

Hear that, Anthony Grant? If you go 27-4 this season, you are a failure!!! Finebammer said so.....

finebammer said...

"Hear that, Anthony Grant? If you go 27-4 this season, you are a failure!!! Finebammer said so....."

ok, i'll lower the bar enough to accept 27-4 provided we make a sweet sixteen run at a minimum.

year four, m. year FOUR. the POISON that was on this team (your "leading" scorers) is thankfully gone.

we have sec game experience at the 1 and 2. we have sec game experience, albeit not nearly what they should have thanks to an insistence on playing bonehead, down low with shot-altering size.

our bench isn't what i'd want it to be but what else is new? kentucky wasn't a deep team last year either.

"I picked Kentucky because I think they have more talent than Alabama, at least on paper. I do believe this UK team could have some growing pains similar to the 2010-11 team so you may be able to trumpet your brilliance if Bama scores an upset victory."

if we do what we should do, it won't be an upset m. if we lose 2 games pre-season and mizzou, we'll be favored. and i'll bet you on that. i don't give a shit what they do. mizzou, cincy and you pick 'em, uk can be the number one team in the nation and we'll be favored and should win.

" Sorry, I'm trying to be an objective voice here, not a homer."

yeah, you are a homer, m. we both are, just for different things.

you're a homer for a person.

i'm a homer for a program.

finebammer said...

and the thing you don't want to say about kentucky, m? the thing in your head you don't want to say???


in your head, it's calipari v. grant, isn't it? don't worry, m. we all know grant's not the coach calipari is. but grant will have the home court and crowd. he has experienced players. barring significant injury, (or boneheaded coaching) we win.

and it won't be an upset.

question for the group:

with the advantage of hindsight, would you trade the playing time of engstrom and gueye down the stretch for that pathetic one-and-done appearance in the dance last year??

i know i said so at the time. i still believe it.

(don't bother answering, m. we all know your answer)

bobbyjack said...


No I wouldn't have traded PT for MG/CE over Green. Green powered last years team and without him we end up in the NIT.

I'm a realist... with slight homer tendencies so that's why I predicted what I did. We are still somewhat of an abortion in the half court set and my confidence in close games isn't there yet with CAG. I'd love to jump on here and predict 28-3, but we have too many unknowns for me to realistically predict something that lavish.

I really hope our freshmen from last year step up. We saw flashes from all of them, but nothing consistent. And as M said... we are an abortion from beyond the arc.

BamaRustyGold said...

Who do yall think we will play in the 2 games in T-Town for the 2K Sports Classic?

DJC said...

I would not be at all surprised if we beat Kentucky, finebammer makes good points regarding that game. At the end of the day, Kentucky brings in 5 of the top 10 players in the country every year, and a lot will depend on how well they are able to play together and adjust to the college game, but there is no doubt they will have significantly more raw talent on the court than us. The question is how raw?

The thing about basketball, the best team doesn't always win. Even the most talented teams will lose a couple of games they shouldn't every year. Clearly, we are a better team than Vandy and Ole Miss, but until I see it, I can't predict us to win in Memorial Gym, no matter what type of team they put on the court. Ole Miss has our number at the Tad Pad too, especially when we play them late in the season, so that's why I have that one as an "L." If we played VCU later in the season I think we would beat them, but going up there with a young team early in the season will be tough, and you know we will likely get their best effort of the season.

Not trying to "lower the bar," but I have some concerns about this team. We still can't shoot, I have no reason to believe our half court offense will be better, and we are somewhat thin in the post. Pollard is a true freshman and an unknown commodity at this point. If anything, I think we all may be a little overly optimistic.

Now, we will probably win every game I predicted us to lose, but drop 10 that I've predicted us to win. That's college basketball.

DJC said...

Rusty, don't expect big names for the 2k games in Tuscaloosa. I have no idea who they will send us, but it will be mid-majors, at best.

Alex said...

The three point shooting may not be where we would like to see it, but it will be better. Lacey was really getting a good stroke down by the end of last year. Randolph was actually looking confident with the ball in his hands down the back stretch, and Jacobs has potential to be a very solid post up man if he can stay out of foul trouble.
We can run with anybody, but I agree the half court is our weakness. Still, expect to be better in the half court this year than we were last. I think Green probably demanded the ball too much last year, and every time it was in a freshmans hand it seemed like they were trying to work it to him even though he was constantly double teamed. All of the freshman had that scared look to them and didn't start to believe in their own ability to make plays until it was only them out there. That will pay off in a big way this year.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: Yep, year four. Right on schedule as far as I see it. The state of the program was such when Grant was hired that I figured it would take 3-5 years to build this program into a championship contender. In year three they returned to the tournament, they have a good chance to return this season, and if there are no major defections in the next offseason plus another good recruiting class, the 2013-14 year could be a special season. Like SEC title, Final Four special. That would make five years under Grant and be right on target.

One's love for the Alabama athletic program does not translate into greatness overnight. I think most of the diehards that contribute here have always considered Alabama a sleeping giant in basketball, but to make that a reality takes a lot of hard work and patience. Your weakness as a fan is your impatience.

Green and Mitchell weren't my leading scorers, Finebammer (whatever that means) but they were a focal point of the team. Doesn't mean the team won't be better without them, but it's still something to consider when projecting this season's team.

UK WILL be favored in that game. And, yes, I would give Calipari the edge as a coach. Hell, why wouldn't I? He's been a head coach longer and he's taken three different programs to the Final Four. He's arguably the best coach in the game right now outside of Coach K. Don't be silly, man.

Let me repeat this yet again: I am not an Anthony Grant homer, but he has met my expectations up to this point so I support him. The End.

MSmilie said...

And, no, I would not trade a return to the tournament for more playing time for Engstrom/Gueye. Engstrom is not an every night type of contributor. At best, he will eventually be a guy who can come in, grab a few rebounds, block a shot or two and maybe make a couple of baskets. Gueye has more upside, but the poor kid has been plagued by injuries for years now. There's no guarantee he will remain healthy enough to become a major contributor.

So no, I would not trade last season's return to the tournament. It was great to hear Alabama's name called during the selection show and see the image of the team celebrating. And as far as the game went, look we drew a tough match-up. Creighton was a damn good team last year, far more deserving of a higher seed. And Alabama arguably should have won the game.

Plus, this idea that Grant hijacked the team for JaMychal Green's benefit is absurd. Tony Mitchell was arguably the best overall player on the team the last two years and Grant kicked him off the team. Green received no special favors.

Final word to Finebammer: Really good teams year in and year out lose 5-10 games due to the parity in the sport (the parity that makes men's college basketball the best damn sport on the planet). If Alabama goes 22-9 next season, it would be a good year. Uconn entered the Big East tournament in 2011 with a 21-9 record, and things worked out pretty well.

MSmilie said...

Regarding Rusty's comments about the teams coming to Tuscaloosa for the 2K Sports Classic host games: DJC is right, don't expect big names. However, it may not be a walk in the park either.

Four teams that are rumored to be involved in the host site games are Hofstra, Niagara, Bucknell and South Dakota State. More than likely the first three teams will be in Philly with Villanova while South Dakota State will probably be in Corvallis or West Lafayette.

Here's the thing though, Bucknell and South Dakota State are going to be really good teams. Bucknell won the Patriot League a year ago, but lost to Lehigh (the same Lehigh team that beat Duke) in the conference tournament. They had to settle for the NIT so they went out to Tucson and beat Arizona before losing a close game on the road to Nevada. They return most of their guys and are very capable of beating a lot of power conference teams.

Same goes for South Dakota State. If you want an early pick for Cinderella in March, follow these guys. Very experienced team. They went to the tournament last year and gave Baylor all they could handle in the first round. Nate Wolters is one of the best players in the country many people don't know about. The kid can ball. It's a damn shame that the semifinals are set because S.D. State could easily win some games in this thing.

In the Legends Classic (run by the same people) Georgia actually has Southern Miss coming to Athens for the host games. That's not an automatic given their recent history. And Akron beat Miss. State in Starkville in this same tournament a year ago.

My point is most of the teams included are usually scrubs, but not always. Alabama could find itself playing some decent competition right out of the gate.

BamaRustyGold said...

Good info Smilie. So it sounds like we have the possibility of playing a mid major or 2 mid majors that could possibly knock us off, and even though they will be good ball clubs they could hurt our RPI in the long run if we lose to them. I'm not as impressed with our schedule as I was last year. We had a lot of insurance games last year where we could lose to teams and it would not hurt our RPI. Really dissapointed in the non-conference home schedule. No big games to get Bama fans interested in Basketball. We really need to win the 2K tourney, or only lose a couple games in non-confernce play or you wont even hear about Bama basktball until after January.

finebammer said...

msmilie: "The End."



MSmilie said...

Rusty: The schedule isn't as strong as a year ago, true. It's far from weak though (when the Gazelle Group finally releases the complete 2K Classic bracket, I'm going to post a schedule preview detailing each opponent). The bottom line is, despite the assertion that the college basketball regular season doesn't mean anything, if you don't take care of business in November and December, March will not be kind.

BamaRustyGold said...

I just wish we would schedule a couple of big time non-conference games at home every year. That would really help in recruiting i think. What recruit wants to come watch any of the home non-conference games on the schedule in front of a half full Coleman.

finebammer said...

"I just wish we would schedule a couple of big time non-conference games at home every year."

it would also be advantageous when the team has a packed house they win the game. fans have to go through too much crap down there to show up and see a loser.

a good team wins it's home games.

Bamalib said...

We lose 2 players representing a MAJOR BULK of Alabama's Offense, and we gain one freshman player.

I'm nervous about this season, guys.

I'm so hopeful for a triumphant season, of course, but I don't know. I don't know if this upcoming year can really be an improvement. I hope, I hope, I hope, it will be.


Alex said...

Bamalib we lost those two players midway through the last season and then we figured out how to win without them. On paper it looks bad, but trust me those stats are deceiving.