Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kentucky, UGA, and Miss St 2012-13 schedules

The national champs have a less than stellar non-conference slate with Maryland, Duke (I plan on going to that game), @ Notre Dame, and Baylor.

M$U probably gets to fight Chaminade for last in the Maui Invitational as UNC and the Butler/Marquette loser will steamroll them. Sadly, that's the 411 on their non-conference schedule... it reads worse than Auburn's a few years ago.

UGA has Indiana, the UCLA/Georgetown loser, and USC on the slate. Nothing overly tough.

M$U (since Stansbury is gone I might have to retire the $... $.02 to DJC for this)


DJC said...

That Kentucky-Duke game will be awesome. Hell, I might drive over for that myself.

crimsontiders said...

One of the best parts of this season will be watching how pathetic state will be. Btw dont retire the $ signs those are great.

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