Saturday, August 18, 2012

LSU's 2012-13 basketball schedule (or most of it)

There seems to be a gap between Nov 29th and Dec 11 which I assume is still being worked on.

Only real non-conference team of note is @ Marquette. I see Boise St on the schedule, but it's the wrong sport. I really want to see Boise St match up one day against us, LSU, Arkansas, or Florida in football.

LSU should be the suck this season. Once I publish all of the SEC schedules I'll make an attempt to predict final standings 1-14.


DJC said...

Why in the world would they agree to go TO Boise and UC Irvine? I know LSU basketball is a shell of its former self right, but those teams shouldn't even be worthy of a home and home arrangement.

bobbyjack said...

Doubtful on Boise, but if we ever schedule UC Irvine on the road I'm pretty sure I'm going to that one.

MSmilie said...

DJC: I agree. While I appreciate teams that agree to road games with mid-major teams, the risk far outweighs the reward. The Boise game is obviously a home-and-home since Boise came to Baton Rouge last season, but the Irvine game, I don't know. I could understand it if they were participating in a Hawaiian tournament (similar to what Ole Miss is doing with Loyola Marymount), but they're not.

In fact, their chances of having fresh legs when they travel to Milwaukee to face Marquette will probably be slim since they play at Boise on 12/14, Irvine on 12/18 and then Marquette on 12/22. No need to make that game tougher as Marquette is going to be plenty good to begin with.