Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Floor Coming to Coleman

The basketball court is currently being removed and will be replaced with a new design.  I have not yet heard what that design will be.  Personally, I think it's time to bring back the parquet.


crimsontider said...

they need renovations that is for sure. Roll Tide!

BamaRustyGold said...

They need to knock the whole thing down. Its not a terrible place, but when Auburn's arena is nicer than yours its time for a change.

Alex said...

Agreed, Coleman has to go. There are alot of bad seats in the place. When I was a student if you were sitting in the top half of the student section you couldn't even see half the court because the seats were behind the video boards where they display the fouls for each player.
Acoustically its poorly designed. The seats go too far back which makes the ceiling too high and creates way too much air space, and the insulation absorbs the sound. A good arena should have seats right on the court going more steeply up to sort of "wall in" the noise and then an upper level to accommodate larger crowds because when you put your seats on the court and don't take them back 5000 rows like in Coleman you lose alot of capacity but you get a much better atmosphere.
The lighting is also poor, its so dark especially once you go farther back in the rows. The whole place is kind of grimy and its just not at all appealing. If I were a recruit I would be turned off.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Alex.
If you like Coleman, you've never been around.
There are MUCH better designs, and we're falling behind in facilities every season.
It Does hurt recruiting whether you believe it or not.

finebammer said...

my god, sometimes it's almost like i'm not alone out here.

like somebody's been.....like.....listening.

MSmilie said...

God help us all

finebammer said...

m, that was funny, i don't care who you are.