Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ole Miss' 2012-13 schedule

With a pathetic non-conference slate, Andy Kennedy better win 11 games in conference to have a chance at the NCAAT. I suspect he falls short of that... and his job goes buh-bye.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss does get to go to Hawaii... to the 2nd rate tourney there. I will say Oahu has better facilities compared to that HS gym in Maui. Still, honolulu as one of the natives told me years ago is 'Detroit with a beach.' Regardless, it's just a short Hawaiian Air flight (or a puddle-jumper) to any of the much better islands.


AlabamaLib said...

I've always wondered how good or how ineffective Jason Carter is, and what kind of potential he has. I can't believe he returned to the SEC. It will be a little awkward if he gets playing time when Ole Miss comes to Alabama to play.

MSmilie said...

That November slate is light, but it picks up a bit in December. Rutgers is an improving program and those games at Middle Tennessee and Loyola, while mid-majors, won't be pushovers (Ole Miss has not been a great road team under Kennedy). And they have a shot at teams like San Diego St., Arizona and possibly Miami in the Diamond Head Classic.

Ole Miss is hard to figure out. This team looks like other Kennedy teams in that there is certainly enough talent to be successful, but can they be consistent? I look at the roster and I see an NCAA-caliber squad, but they could just as easily end up in the NIT again if they don't improve their defense and road play.