Friday, August 10, 2012

SEC Schedule Announced

Full Schedule here

Alabama's schedule is as follows:  (all times Central)

Jan.8 Tuesday @Mizzou 6pm ESPN
Jan.12 Saturday  v. Tennessee  12 pm ESPN2
Jan.16 Wednesday @mi$$ $tate 8pm CSS
Jan. 19 Saturday v. Texas A&M 7pm SEC Network
Jan. 22 Tuesday v. Kentucky 8pm ESPN
Jan. 26 Saturday @Tennessee 1pm ESPN
Jan. 31 Thursday v. Arkansas 8pm ESPN/2
Feb. 2 Saturday @Vandy 3pm SEC Network
Feb. 6 Wednesday @auburn 7pm SEC Network
Feb. 9 Saturday v. LSU 7pm ESPN2
Feb. 12 Tuesday @Georgia 8pm ESPNU
Feb. 16 Saturday v. South Carolina 3pm ESPN/2
Feb. 20 Wednesday v.m$u 7pm SEC Network
Feb. 23 Saturday @LSU 12:30 pm SEC Network
Feb. 26 Tuesday v. auburn 6pm ESPNU
Mar. 2 Saturday @Florida 11am ESPN/2
Mar. 5 Tuesday @OleMiss 8pm ESPNU
Mar. 9 Saturday v. Georgia 3pm SEC Network

SEC Tournament Wednesday March 13- Sunday March 17 in Nashville, TN.

I'm a little disappointed that the road game at Mizzou falls during the week and we don't go to aTm, as I was looking forward to checking out the new venues.  This is not a bad schedule for us, we have 3 really difficult away games at Mizzou, Florida, and of course the automatic loss at Vandy.  We play auburn, $tate, Tennessee, LSU, and Georgia twice.  I think we could compete for 2nd or 3rd in the conference with this schedule.  I'm going to plan to attend away games at Tennessee, Vandy, auburn, LSU, and Florida.  Possibly m$u and UGA as well, but I doubt I make those.

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