Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vandy and Tennessee 2012-13 schedules

Vanderbilt scheduled pretty solid out of conference with Nova, Xavier, Oregon, Butler, Davidson, and maybe West Virginia on the slate.

Tennessee has Memphis, Georgetown, Virginia, Wichita St and possibly Oklahoma St on the schedule. Both should be well tested before conference play.



crimsontider said...

Vandy looks awful on paper if there is ever a year we win in that backwards gym they call an arena, this would be the year.

crimsontider said...

Ut on the other hand looks solid, probably a NCAAT team. We Play them twice i think we beat them once.

MSmilie said...

Crimson: I agree with your comments regarding Vandy. On paper, it looks like a heavy rebuilding year for them. Granted, I have a hard time believing my own projection simply because Vandy has been consistently good under Stallings.

hoot30 said...

I live in Nashville and the natives are starting to get a little restless after VU's 2nd round exit w/ the # of NBA draftees that were on that team. I think VU will be terrible this year (not that my opinion matters). Sports radio will be entertaining here during b'ball season for sure.

MSmilie said...

Hoot: The natives need to get a grip. The season got off to a slow start because of Ezeli's absence, but they ended strong by beating Kentucky for the SEC Tournament championship and lost a close game to a very good Wisconsin team.

Being a consistent number 3 with Florida and UK isn't that bad.

Not that Stallings is undeserving of criticism. His teams have tended to be soft and pretty bad on the defensive end, which has held them back relative to the talent they have, but all in all he's done a good job in Nashville.

crimsontider said...

Vandy got robbed by the refs in the NCAAT last year much like bama,