Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alabama approves raise for CAG, extension to 2019

A $100,000 one. I've made my feelings known so I won't beat a dead horse.

Grant's raise


Alex said...

He deserves the money.
Maybe some people want to critise him because Alabama didn't live up to their #15 preseason ranking last year but we were completely overrated and it was mostly because the media love of JaMychael Green and Tony Mitchell.
Green and Mitchell were just another DJ Hall and Kieth Brown. Two holdovers from the old regime who had some talent which they let go to their head.

I for one was glad to see the season play out the way it did because we ended up having to win with our young guys and by the end of the year they were a battle hardened bunch. Now going into this year we have alot more experience than we would have had otherwise and these are all Grants kids.
Yeah, we don't have the explosive ability to score from anywhere like on some of CMGs good teams in the mid 2000s and we will have to rely on the defense which means every game will be close even against lesser opponents which I'm sure will drive some of you guys nuts but we will also pull off some upsets and I have a feeling we improve on our 1 and done in the NCAA from last year.

Just my two cents.

MSmilie said...

I have mixed feelings. Obviously I support the job Grant has done to this point, but I also believe these universities are too impetuous with raises and contract extensions for coaches. Alabama did that with Gottfried and it came back to bite them on the butt (Funny enough, N.C. State just made Gottfried the third highest paid coach in the ACC).

Ultimately, if Grant is able to build the program to a standard, fans won't care what he's being paid. It definitely increases the scrutiny though. As a man once said, "mo money, mo problems".