Sunday, September 09, 2012

Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas A&M 2012-13 schedules

Texas A&M

Since all of their football seasons are over, might as well look forward to hoops.

Arkansas has a tough late Nov-early December stretch of Arizona St, Wisconsin/Creighton, Syracuse, Oklahoma, and @Michigan.

Missouri goes to the Bahamas where Stanford and maybe Louisville await...with Illinois and @ UCLA to boot.

Texas A&M might get Kansas if they can get past Saint Louis (who is without Rick Majerus for the year). Other than that, mostly cupcakes.

That should cover the SEC schedules... in a few weeks I'll go ahead and predict 1-14 final rankings.

Edit- forgot South Carolina... but they still haven't released a full schedule. They'll probably suck though, so they're almost a non-factor.

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