Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ranking the current SEC BB coaches 1-14

1) John Calipari- Yes his team is a revolving door of super-hyped freshman that are one and done, but he's got Kentucky back in their rightful place on top.

2) Billy Donovan- like Calipari, he brings in the talent. Truth be told I have him #2 for his back to back National Titles as most of his other years have been IMO underachieving.

3) Kevin Stallings- Vanderbilt hasn't been this good consistently since forever. They are supposed to suck this year, but I bet they end up in the top half of the SEC.

4) Mike Anderson- this is more due to his past success at Missouri and UAB, but I'm pretty sure the next couple of years will be the best Arkansas has had since the mid 90s.

5) Frank Martin- he hasn't ACTUALLY coached in the SEC, but what he did at Kansas State was pretty amazing. He built on Bob Huggins' one year and kept the ball rolling.

6) TIE: Anthony Grant and Mark Fox- Grant seems to be the better recruiter while Fox seems to be the better gameday coach. UGA and UA are potential goldmines if either can get the fanbase to care more.

8) Cuonzo Martin- I suspect he'll be higher next year as I was impressed with what he did last season with UTK going 10-6 i conference. That team wasn't very talented.

9) Frank Haith- Was he undervalued at Miami (a place that makes UGA look like UNC hoops) or overvalued last season inheriting a loaded team? We shall see this year.

10) Billy Kennedy- did good things at Murray State, but I'm not sure he can take A&M to the level Gillispie and Turgeon did before him.

11) Andy Kennedy- how the mighty have fallen... he's probably looking for a job RIGHT NOW.

12) Tony Barbee- his attrition rate makes Mark Gottfried seem like Jim Boeheim. It's a terrible job and his only hope is to make it to the NIT and get the hell out of Dodge.

13) TIE: Johnny Jones and Rick Ray- two unknowns that will probably suck and bring our RPI down every year until they are fired.


Alex said...

Sounds about right, Grant needs to prove he can win the big games to move up.
It's hard to get the players to compete in the top 3 when your playing in a dump like Coleman with a fickle fan base and little commitment from the athletic department to making basketball into a power program.

finebammer said...

better tone it down, alex, you're gonna piss msmilie off!


bobbyjack said...

I've been one of the biggest proponents of a new arena, but reality tells me after they spent $20 million to 'shine' Coleman there is no way they are tearing it down.

The biggest problem regarding basketball is self-inflicted... DJC and I have been harping on Tide Totals integrating hoops to the football monster. Simply put, you buy hoop season tickets you get better standing for FB. What that does is effectively stop ACTUAL basketball fans from buying tickets anywhere outside of the dark corners of Coleman. It's a freakin' joke.

Resolve that, get the students involved (give them better seats), and a little bit more marketing and basketball COULD make great strides and become like Wisconsin hoops.

Alex said...

I think Florida and Auburn put their students right on the court too behind the bench. I'm not saying we should follow the Auburn model but the student section needs to be moved out of the corner.

LickCreek said...

I agree with moving the student section, but dont agree with the Tide Totals comment. There are some of us that are big football and basketball fans that actually come to the games.

DJC said...

LickCreek, for the record I attend nearly every football game, home and away, as well, so the Tide Totals system does actually help me. But, as a huge basketball fan, I know there are tons of good seats that are bought up by "football only" fans who do so just to build up their Tide Totals points. That is a problem, and it's a shame that there are some great seats that stay empty for the better part of the season, but I'm not sure what the best solution is.