Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recruiting Update- Cat Barber

Multiple sources are reporting that Louisville is no longer recruiting Cat Barber.  I viewed them as our strongest competition because it was the other destination where he and Troy Williams could likely play together.  It is now down to Bama, Kansas, and NC State.  Kansas is recruiting several other highly rated PGs, so I'm not sure how big of a priority Cat is for them.  We all know Gottfried is a pretty good recruiter, especially in the early years of his tenure, so they may be a bigger concern, even though they got involved later in the process.  I remain cautiously optimistic, and I like the fact that we will get the last visit with him.  Here, Kitty Kitty.


bobbyjack said...

Saw that xCMG got him to commit. XCMG is building something special @ NCSt.

MSmilie said...

Bobby: I'll believe it when I see it.

Alex said...

No he isn't.. he recruited big at Alabama and wasted all that talent.

AlabamaLiberal-RTR said...

It's true they have a special set of recruits at NCSU, but that does not mean they'll have a special year. ha ha and I bet they'll never get beyond Duke and UNC. But I'm really surprised the announcement has come so quickly after the scheduled visit to Tuscaloosa. Did he indeed arrive, and spend the weekend in Tuscaloosa ? ? ? It must have been a quiet campus with the football and soccer teams playing away games this weekend.

Well, now what ?

DJC said...

AlabamaLib, Cat visited NC State this weekend. He was scheduled to visit Tuscaloosa next weekend I believe, but I don't think he's going to make the visit now.

Also, I have no idea if this is legit, but an interesting article suggesting he has some off the court and academic issues that caused Louisville to back off.


IF those allegation are true, and I emphasize that is a big if, we may be better off without him.

Anonymous said...

Scuttlebutt says every school but NCS stopped recruiting him, including us.