Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Open Scrimmage Saturday

For anybody who will be in Tuscaloosa for the Bama vs. Mississippi State football game Saturday, the basketball team is having an open scrimmage at 3 p.m. at Coleman Coliseum.  I will check it out and try to post a report here sometime Sunday.

Also, basketball starved as I am, I went to UAB's "Hoops on the Hassephault" last week.  It was more entertainment than basketball, they had a 3 point shooting contest, a dunk contest, and briefly ran some 3 man fast break drills, which featured a lot of missed dunks.  My point is, they know how to market a basketball program.  Sure, it was gimmicky, with a green and gold outdoor court surrounded by bleachers, huge inflatable dragons, fraternity and sorority dance skits,  players coming out to fireworks and the coach riding in with the mascot in a convertible mustang.     I am not saying we need to go that over the top, but we should have some sort of event like this, as lots of teams out there do, that appeals to the more casual fans.  It was very well attended, and I will add a pic to this if I can ever get it to upload without my browser crashing.

I like that we are having a scrimmage before a home football game, but we should publicize it more and maybe have some other forms of entertainment there to bring in the more casual fans.  The die-hard basketball fans like myself are going to be there regardless, but there simply is not enough of us to fill up a 15,000 seat arena on a consistent basis.


Alabama-Liberal said...

I agree about UA needing something to promote love of basketball and the Crimson Tide's men's and women's teams ! ! ! ! And such events seem to make an impression upon recruits.

Speaking of recruits, the highly-rated player from Memphis TN, JaJuan Johnson, has completed his tour of official visits, the last one being a visit to Marquette's Basketball-madness Show. Apparently, his announcement between Alabama, Marquette, and Miami will be in the upcoming days, within 2 weeks. He's supposed to be a pretty good shooting guard. It would be wonderful to have him included with the other future Crimson Tide stars: Jimmie Taylor and Shannon Hale ! ! ROLL TIDE !

Anonymous said...

CAG gets an F in promotion.

Anonymous said...

Coach Grant coaches. (basketball).

The University itself has some responsiblity in marketing and promotions. Isn't there someone hired specifically for that purpose?

The prior Anonymous gets an F in foreign policy.