Monday, October 01, 2012

Ranking the SEC teams 1-14 and their conference record(2012-13)

Posted intentionally without comment as to why :)

1) Florida (15-3)
2) Kentucky (14-4)
3) Missouri (12-6)
4) Tennessee (11-7)
5) Arkansas (11-7)
6) Alabama (10-8)
7) Georgia (9-9)
8) Vanderbilt (8-10)
9) Texas A&M (7-11)
10) South Carolina (7-11)
11)Ole Miss (7-11)
12) Mississippi State (6-12)
13) Auburn (5-13)
14) LSU (4-14)


Anonymous said...

You have Mizzou too high. Bama and UGA too low. Bama and UGA will be top 5 in the conference.

Eamon said...

Switch Georgia (would be lucky to finish Top 10) and Ole Miss (will be mediocre, but not bad, as usual) and I approve.

Alabama-Liberal said...

Very intriguing.

Personally, I don't know where Alabama will fit, following the departure of Mitchell and Green.

I don't expect Missouri to be so high. I thought surely Vanderbilt and Texas A&M will be better than Georgia. I really think Alabama is on the same level or better than Arkansas and Tennessee and Missouri, despite Tennessee finishing ahead of us last year (only because of fluke losses to LSU and SC at a time of turmoil ! ! ! ). But yet I hesitate about putting Alabama in the top 5 with our two top offensive scorers gone. I don't know what to expect this year, besides the best defense.

I agree that Florida is at the top and Kentucky next, but I'ld like to see Auburn at #14, please !

About recruiting, we've lost some recruits (particularly point guard), to LSU, NC State, Northwestern, Florida, and it's frustrating me to have to wait until the last-minute deadline as the other schools are signing up the crop. I guess I could relax a little after I see how Retin-O plays.

Alex said...

1) Missouri (17-1)
2) Florida (15-3)
3) Kentucky (15-3)
4) Alabama (12-6)
5) Tennessee (12-6)
6) Arkansas (10-8)
7) Georgia (9-9)
8) Vanderbilt (9-9)
9) Texas A&M (7-11)
10) South Carolina (7-11)
11)Ole Miss (5-13)
12) Mississippi State (4-14)
13) LSU (3-15)
14) Auburn (1-17)

Yes I do think Auburn is that bad, and I've said this many times. Losing Green and Mitchell midway through the season last year was a good thing for this team. Lacey, Cooper, Releford, and Randolph are all versatile players and I think we may have a pleasant surprise when it comes to three point shooting this year. Lacey has a pretty stroke and he was really coming along at the end of last year. Jacobs also made great strides down the back stretch of last season. Releford is a playmaker but we all know that already. This is a very solid group.

Eamon said...

I don't understand the Ole Miss predictions. They're losing one player from last season's team. They'll be .500 or better in conference.