Friday, November 16, 2012

Alias Asks

I apologize for not having pulled my weight on here the past few months.  Hopefully things will calm down in the near future. 

I got home in time to watch the last 5 minutes of the game - the time during which we blew a 15 point lead. After my wife went to bed, I watched the first 10-12 minutes of the first half.  I would like to ask the rest of you some questions about the team.  Please understand these are just questions and are based on only a few minutes of one game watched while I was very tired.  Nothing here should not be construed to demean any players or coaches in any way. 

I have heard that Pollard is the second coming of Antonio McDyess.  I trust and hope that is true but did not see much last night to reinforce the reputation.  Is Pollard adjusting to the speed of the game? Is he being tentative because he is trying to learn Grant’s way of playing?   He must be doing a lot of things right because he starts and plays significant minutes.

I saw Engstrom do a couple of decent things that encouraged me about his continued improvement. He grabbed a couple of rebounds and hit open spots underneath the basket where he cleanly fielded a passes and scored a bucket or two. He still gets beat  too much on defense, but I think I see improvement.

Releford appears to have bulked up and does not seem to be upset by not starting the games. I cannot tell whether the bulk has impacted his quickness.  One reason I like to watch him play is that he always seems to be having fun. 

I hope Gueye can get and stay healthy this season because we really need him.  Wasn’t he supposed to be the No. 1 JuCo center his freshman year?  I am hoping to see that on the court.

Who is Obasohan? I’d never heard of him until I saw his name on the roster.  I know we needed a guard to replace Hankerson and Eblin, but do any of you know anything about him?  How has he played so far this year? 

I love college basketball season and I hope I can get some of this other junk out of the way because this could be a fun one.


Alex said...

Obasohan is our backup point guard. He is a big improvement over Eblen but with Lacey playing the point more and more now he might be relegated to a third option.
Right on about Engstrom, he has a ways to go on defense and I don't think he will ever be what we truly need. Next years recruiting class will help us tremendously down low.

Pollard.. I saw some flashes last night but he still isn't really adjusted to the college game yet. I really hope he gets there fast because we could use his length in the paint to block some shots.

DJC said...

Pollard- true freshman adjusting to the game. He needs to bulk up some too, we have too many wings and he can't play in the post. I think you will see him coming off the bench and Releford back in the starting lineup at some point within the next few weeks.

Retin is a redshirt freshman backup PG from Belgium. He can actually make an open layup, and has some quickness, but still adjusting to the game. He hasn't been playing much, but I thought he looked decent in the preseason practices that I saw.