Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bama beats bunnies at buzzer

I neglected to bring my computer ttown this weekend, and am posting this from my phone so I apologize in advance for any typos.

Early in the game we were awful against the zone.  Lacey started at the pont again, leading me to believe Releford must be in the dog house.  We were down 13 late in the first half, but was able to turn the game around by forcing turnovers in the back court and attacking the  asket against the zone.  At the end of the game we finally went 2 for 1 and it paix off with Lacey hitting the game winner.

Up next, West Alabama tomorrow at 4pm.


finebammer said...

typos on a blog = dents in an old truck. gives it character.

you guys were right about SDS. tough out. kind of a preview of our football opponent yesterday.

the main thing is we did what it took to win the game. i was impressed that grant used his timeouts before the half and at the end judiciously and effectively. we all know the problems he's had with that in the past. progress.

games like this will help us later in the season.

as usual, chris stewart did a stellar job calling the game for radio. listening to eli GOLD botch the play-by-play for football only helps to illuminate stewart's work by comparison.

(an example, one of many, of what i'm speaking of with eli. due to this economy, i'm frequently working weekends - work it when you can get it, guys. that and save money weekly, even if it's just a little. i'm listening to eli while working, a very frustrating endeavor. we punted from deep in our own territory. i managed to get that the punt crossed midfield, mizzou fielded it and according to eli, ran out-of-bounds at the 40. ok, eli, WHICH FORTY?? they went to a break, came back and the listener never found out until mizzou ran a couple of plays and eli found it in his heart to let you know that instead of the yardage call moving up in number, they were moving DOWN. mizzou had run the ball back into our territory, THREE PLAYS AND ONE COMMERCIAL BREAK EARLIER. kenny stabler had a truck load of personal problems but the guy did show up relatively sober and helped the listener wade through eli's call of the game. phil savage, not so much)

again, all of which makes me appreciate chris. i look forward to the day when eli retires and hopefully chris takes his place in the booth.

and speaking of booths, someone go in the coaching booth, grab doug nussmeier by the ear and tell him he's not coaching in the pac 10 anymore. atrocious play calling against aTm.


MSmilie said...

Finebammer: For once, we are in complete agreement. That was an absolute debacle by Nussmeier yesterday, particularly at the end.