Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bama Stops the Bucs, 59-46.

Alabama forced some early turnovers with the press and jumped out quickly to a 9-0 lead.  However, the offense then went stagnant and Charleston Southern was able to come all the way back and take the lead before the Tide regained control to take a 36-27 lead into the half.

Rodney Cooper sat out with shoulder tendinitis, and was replaced by Devonta Pollard in the starting lineup.  Carl Engstrom also got the start ahead of Moussa Gueye.  Both Pollard and Carl responded with solid performances.  Trevor Lacey was all over the court at the beginning of the game making defensive plays, but he did not have one of his better games offensive.  On the other hand, Releford had a great day and was very comfortable shooting the ball from his point guard position, going 5 of 8 from downtown.

The team looked flat overall for much of the game, and they especially got lazy on offense against the zone in the second half.  Charleston Southern is not a bad basketball team.  Their bad record is somewhat deceiving, as they are picked to win their conference and they played a good Arizona team within single digits on the road.  I was concerned we might have a bit of a let down, with the Bucs not being a big name opponent and coming off the wins in New York.

Charleston Southern was able to stay within shouting distance thanks to some sloppy play, missed open shots, and missed free throws.  Coach Grant picked up a technical foul after what appeared to be phantom offensive foul call on Moussa Gueye, allowing Charleston Southern to cut the lead to 4.  I am not sure that Grant intended to get the technical, but the team seemed re-energized from that point forward.  A CSU player committed a technical foul of his own a couple of minutes later, and the Tide never looked back.

It was a solid crowd considering the opponent and the other things going on Friday night..  I would say there was about 7,000 people there, but it was a late arriving crowd.  Up next, Pat Knight brings his Lamar Cardinals in from Beaumont, TX for a 7 pm tipoff at Coleman Coliseum Tuesday night.


Alex said...

Well, Engstrom had a pretty big impact on the game but he still has a ways to go. Jacobs just isn't there. He has a higher ceiling than Engstrom or Gueye I believe because of his athleticism and instincts but he simply cannot defend without fouling. Someone behind me at the game said that Jacobs has the highest foul per minute ratio in the NCAA. I'm not sure if that's true, but it isn't hard to believe.
Pollard is starting to get more comfortable, he made some plays. We need that from him this year!

I don't think we need Cooper for the next game but I sure would like to have him back for the trip up to Cincy who as I've been saying all year looks to me like a top 10 team. I really just hope we can stay in that game but you never know what could happen if its close down the stretch.

LickCreek said...

Agree Alex. We need Cooper back by Cinci game to win. He has played more consistent than anyone and hasnt recieved the praise that Lacey and Releford have. Like I said when the schedule was released. I wish we had some "Name" teams coming into Coleman this year. Its hard for them to get up for all these non-conference "no name" teams.

finebammer said...

a tweet from cecil hurt during this game went something like this: 'this offense is so stagnant, frogs are breeding in it'.

i know it was a win, but again unfortunate the home crowd couldn't have seen a better performance.