Friday, November 30, 2012

Cincinnati Bearcats preview

It's a big day tomorrow for Alabama athletics as our FB team looks to beat down the Dawgs on the way to Miami (I think we win by 20+ points) AND the hoops team get their toughest test so far (and possibly the entire season) in Cincinnati (WKRP).

The Bearcats are undefeated and ranked #17 in AP poll. Only one of their games have been decided by less than double digits.

Season stats

I haven't watched them this year except for highlights, but from what I gathered they score a lot (86.8 PPG) and don't give up a lot (60.7). Granted that 60.7 is somewhat padded by their destruction of NC A&T.

Players to watch are Sean Kilpatrick (21 PPG) and  Cashmere Wright (16.5). Wright is hitting 3s at a 47.5% clip. The numbers they've accumulated so far kinda scares me. They have 3 big guys over 6'9" but none of them play more than 10 MPG. The Bearcats are sloppy with the ball (15 turnovers a game) so I suspect we will press them quite a bit.

Key #s
- 47.5 FG
- 40.3% 3pt FG
- +13.4 rebound margin
- 95 offensive boards

Tip off is 3PM EST (2PM CST). Obviously this is 1hr before the SECCG so I expect all of you not attending to be tuned into ESPN2 for the 1st half. Me... I'll be split screening the 2nd half.

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finebammer said...

while the SECCG has huge national championship ramifications for our football team, this is a HUGE game for our b'ball team.

this game today kind of reminds me of the 'bama/ucla game in '83. alabama went to pauley pavilion jan. 26th and beat mighty ucla in a late game 70-67 and was completely drowned in the flotsam and jetsam (one of my beloved phrases i rarely get to use) of Coach Bryant's death.

of course, the game in the ATL today can't compare historically with Coach Bryant's passing. but win or lose, it will suck all the sports media air out of the state.

only the most diehard 'bama b'ball fan will know the results tonite.

here's hoping BOTH teams win today so we can, at the very least, put a nail in the coffin of this "bama b'ball wins, bama' f'ball loses" mentality that still permeates the UA sports culture.