Thursday, November 15, 2012

No preview for Oregon St

I'm stuck watching curling. Thankfully I can watch on the innernets.

I'll be honest it's going to be tough for me to put these up regularly, but I'll try to get as many previews up as I can throughout the season.

Oregon St is predicted 8th in the Pac-12. I suspect they'll finish in the middle. They crushed Niagra and took care of New Mexico State in their 'warm-up' games.

Should be a close game... I think we'll have to score 70 to win this one.


finebammer said...


held off o state and refs (and announcers) to win. didn't have to be that close due to many missed free throws but fellas, we got some outside shooting, eh???

our bigs need work, but everyone knew that. impressed with grant's post game comments. showing signs of growing into the job. was asked a first question he didn't want to answer (it ws a stupid question) and deflected it in a way that would have made saban proud.

and did i hear our f'ing pep band?? saban must really have the cash rolling in for those cheapskates in the athletic dept. to send the pep band to support our boys in NYC.

currently utc playing kansas off their feet in the fogg.

Anonymous said...

I was actually pleased with the progress the team and CAG have made.

Alex said...

We need an inside game so badly. I'm glad we've won this and if we can take care of business aginst Nova/Purdue tomorrow we should be 6-0 headed into the game against Cincy. I think 11-2 in non conference is a reasonable expectation and 10-8 in conference which would I believe be enough for an NCAA tournament spot.

LickCreek said...

I was impressed by the way they played last night. Didnt like the way they let Oregon St. back in it, but if they would have just hit their free throws it wouldnt have come down to the wire. Lacey has a ton of confidence and our offense is penetrating and moving the ball better than they have since Grant has been there. If we just had some people on the indside to give us some good numbers we could play with about anybody. I think our post players only had about 10 points combined last night. We are going to need twice that output to beat a top tier team.

Anonymous said...

Good teams have "big man coaches."
Who is our big man coach?