Thursday, December 13, 2012

Around the SEC 12/13/2012

Looking at the league right now, outside of Florida and Missouri it pretty much sucks. Kentucky has been struggling, LSU is undefeated, but hasn't played anyone... ditto for Texas A&M, and the rest are about what we thought they'd be or even worse (Auburn, Vandy, Arkansas, UGA, etc)

I could easily see this being a 4 bid league with Florida, Missouri, and Kentucky (they'll get their act together at some point) as sure things, but who gets the 4th slot? We might get 5, but right now I'm not too confident about that. What that means for Alabama fans is we should easily (despite our injury woes/lack of inside game) win 11 games in conference just by showing up... but IMO we might need to get closer to 13 to have a shot at the tournament.

The league needs to step it up the final 3 weeks of December.

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Crimsontider said...

I say we get 5, FLA, Mizzou, and UK are locks. (Yes UK is still a lock) Still pretty confident we will make it and I think either Ark or UT makes it.