Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Carl Engstrom out for the year

Torn ACL and MCL.  He had surgery at St. Vincent's in Birmingham Tuesday morning.  I wish him the best in his rehab and recovery.  This leaves us with 9 scholarship players, and a very thin front line.


Crimsontider said...

Sorry to hear this, big loss. Hey DJC, do you have an update on the extent of Steele, or Gueyes injury. Thanks as always.

finebammer said...


just damn

DJC said...

From what I understand Gueye could have returned to the game and is fine. Steele, last I heard, has a sports hernia. I am no doctor, but from what I have read, it can be a nagging type of injury, that after 7-10 days he may be able to return but will likely have some recurring issues. With proper rest and treatment, he should be good to go in 4-6 weeks. He has now been out about 3 weeks, so we shall see.