Tuesday, December 04, 2012

From the innernets- Engstrom waiting on MRI/Steele w/ sports hernia

Puts us down to 8 scholarship players... maybe we can reach the Elite 8 like we did the last time this happened (if I'm remembering correctly from 2004).

Otherwise, we might be in a world of hurt coming up.


Alex said...

I think we'll be fine. It would be a totally different issue if we were down Releford and Cooper or something. Yes we are thin when it comes to bigs but we play alot of four guard anyway.

Big Crimson 75 said...

How long are both out?
Losing the Swede might be tougher than Steele's loss.
Roll Ride

bobbyjack said...

Steele might be out for a while... my guess is at least 'til January.

Engstrom... I don't know, but his injury didn't look good. I agree we will have a hard time replacing his minutes.