Friday, December 21, 2012

Mercer Bears preview

They finished dead last in the Paradise Jam (like we did 2 years ago), have a nice win @ FSU, but have some puzzling blowout losses @ Denver and vs UIC in said Paradise Jam. They did play New Mexico tough for about 30 minutes (which I saw in person).

Season stats

What's strange is they don't have a player averaging double digits... mostly because they only average 58.3 PPG. Travis Smith is their leading scorer (the one I remember seeing in Albuquerque) and probably their biggest threat offensively. Bud Thomas leads the team in assists, but is AUful from the field. I mean... like a former Bama PG AUful on the offensive end. No one else of note to write about.

If there was a team tailored for us to curbstomp it is them, but our offensive woes might make this a miserable game to watch... along the lines of 58-50. This might be compared to watching the New Orleans Bowl where the only possible reasons you watch are:

1) You have money on the game
2) You're a fan of either team

Note- they lost @ UGA (another bad team) 58-49 earlier in the week.

- 40% FG
- 32.5% 3pt FG
- -.3 rebound margin

Game time is 2PM EST on CSS and ESPN3


crimsontider said...

Bama by 16
Roll Tide

MSmilie said...

I hate to say it, but Anthony Grant is officially on the hot seat with me. You just can't lose these types of games at home if you're truly going to be a consistent power program. In addition to that, this game probably puts a nail in Bama's NCAA Tournament coffin. And it's only December. And the beat goes on.....

Anonymous said...

The game was blacked out in my area but looking at the boxscore, .... Obviously what we are doing is not working. I know the players thought they would be off through Wednesday but AG may think otherwise after this loss!

Crimsontider said...

Anthony Grant is not a problem, he is THE problem, unbelievable! I'm not sure he saves his job now, Mal needs to have a quick trigger here.

bobbyjack said...

Anon- It was blacked out for me too, but I was able to watch it on my phone using the ATT network (not my home wireless).

I've had reservations about CAG for a while now and I'm afraid I had good reason to be. In year 4 we should not be relegated to 8 scholarship players with only 3 of them being above mediocre.

Who knew we peaked in year 2?

Anonymous said...

1.9M a year!!!!! He has too much talent to not have really developed them adequately. Defense to the exclusion of offense is not going to get you very far. Mercer played 12 players. AG played 8! Why carry 15 players if you never intend to rest your starters if only for 1 minute so they can try to finish strong. Blowing 2nd half leads has a lot to do with coaching. If you are up by 20 with 2 minutes to go in the first half -- rest your starters!

Crimsontider said...

Mal Moore let Gottfried hang way too long, and he ran the program into the ground. He can't make the same mistake with Grant, I'm just as stunned as you are, really thought he was a home run hire.

Crimsontider said...

All of Anthony Grant's key players have been gottfried guy's with the the exception of Trevor Releford, Grant is running the program into the ground right now, he has no idea what he is doing, he is in over his head. Alabama is completely irrelevant, and it hurts.