Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick VCU preview

They come in 6-3 with losses to #23 Wichita St, #2 Duke and #11 Missouri. Yes, they are pretty damn good...

Season stats

Treveon Graham and Juvonte Reddic (no relation to J.J.) lead the team in scoring at 14.8 and 14.6. Graham is 9-17 beyond the arc, but Troy Daniels is the one to watch out there (14-32). Darius Theus (no relation to Reggie) is about to be their all-time assist leader so Releford will have his hands full. He is coming off a knee injury and according to reports he's still not 100%.

As a team they get at it on the offensive boards, force 18 turnovers a game, and hit almost 40% from 3.

More #s
- 42.9% FG
- 64.6% FT
- +5.0 rebound margin
- 59.4 points given up per game

It's early in the season and while this isn't quite a must win game for us, I'd say we need to at least make this respectable. I don't know who's gonna pick up Reddic inside as we don't have a defender that can bother him too much. IMO he's the key to the game... we contain him on the boards and keep him 10ft out we have a good chance to win.

If you want to read a good VCU blog go here. They give a lot of praise to Anthony Grant.

Game is 4PM EST (3PM CST) on CBS Sports Network.


MSmilie said...

Pretty simple. The team must avoid the slow starts that have plagued them this season and get back to playing defense. Cooper, Lacey and Releford must have good games. And whatever Gueye, Pollard, Jacobs and even Dakota Slaughter can provide inside would be greatly appreciated.

That's simple, right?

Alabama matches up well enough with VCU that they can steal this game, but it's going to be tough. I'm saying there's a chance.

CrImsontider said...

Remember Alabama played Cindy to the buzzer on the road, without Andrew and Carl, so don't completely count us out, I think it will be very. close throughout, But VCU will pull it out.
VCU 67
Bama 61
Hope for the best, Roll Tide

crimsontider said...

shameful performance, complete abomination.

bobbyjack said...

We sucketh badly. Probably the worst game under the CAG regime.

Crimsontider said...

There have been some rough games, but this is the first time in the Anthony Grant era that I have truly questioned Wheather he is the right man for the job, he looked completely clueless today. No more excuses, this team quit today

finebammer said...

and chris and bryan couldn't hide their disgust either. bryan used the word "brutal" to describe the game. grant himself said devonta pollard was the only player out there today trying to perform.

what does that say about the others???

13 turnovers first half. first fg at 10 minute mark.

there are some folks that need a check up from the neck up. and i don't want to hear any garbage about steele's injury and leadership. there are plenty of guys on the floor who played last year. i could deal w/ a cincy type loss. we didnt get off the bus.

four years. how many million? count on nobody being in coleman when they get back. nobody.

if this goes to four games, they're in trouble come march.

hell, they're in trouble now.

Crimsontider said...

If we can't beat an awful Texas Tech team, I don't know who we can beat, I am beyond ticked with this program right now, I really thought we would at least compete today, but no, no effort, no passion, no intensity, no anything, and that is coaching.