Monday, December 17, 2012

Texas Tech preview

They are 5-2 coming off a heartbreaking loss at home to mighty McNeese St. Probably not good for us as I bet the players are in for extra work in the days leading up to Wednesday.

Season Stats

Jay Crockett, Josh Grey, and
Dejan Kravic come in averaging double digits in scoring. Kravic is shooting at a .583 clip and Crockett is at .641 mostly inside so they could cause some issues for us. Thankfully they are AUful from 3, but decent inside the arc.

The #s
- .469 FG
- .283 3pt FG
- +4.6 rebounds
- 80.3 PPG

Keys to the game:
- don't get behind early... which we've seemed to do the last 4 games
- get Releford going... either with dribble penetration or spot up 3s
- minimize the offensive rebounds. Gueye and Jacobs need to block out folks
- keep Lacey interested. When he's not in the flow of the game he kinda acts like a zombie out there

Game is 8PM EST on 12/19 on ESPN3. this one is a must win game for us... 4 losses in a pitiful non-conference slate coupled with a weaker than normal SEC could kill our tournament chances real quick.


Crimsontider said...

Needless to say that if we lose this game, we are in a world of trouble, Texas Tech is terrible, and I will need at least a 10 point win to feel like we have made any improvement.

MSmilie said...

As long as Crimsontider gets his 10+ point win, I'll be happy.....

Anyway. I think Alabama is the better team here, but I have no idea what to expect from them coming into this game. Are they merely going through a tough stretch or are there fundamental problems with this team that will be a problem all season? It's never easy playing on the road, I don't care who it is you're playing. Furthermore, Lubbock is not a glamorous destination (i.e., it's a craphole) so how much energy will the team have for this game? Coming off three straight losses, one would hope the team is ready to get on the court and right the ship but, again, who knows where this team's head and heart is at the moment?

Bama should have the advantage on the perimeter after being resoundingly outplayed there the last three games. The bigger concern for me is the Tech trio of Kravic, Crockett and Tolbert. Kravic is 6-11, but can step away from the basket. Crockett and Tolbert are around 6-7/6-8, they are athletic and active around the basket. That's a concern because our guys do not rebound very well and the result could be a number of second chance opportunities for a team that doesn't shoot the ball particularly well.

Tech does not look like a world beater to be sure, but it's hard for me to pick Alabama to win right now. I need to see a greater sense of urgency from these guys before I can be confident picking them to win a game on the road against a Big 12 team, even if that team is projected to be among the worst in its conference.

I know depth is a concern right now, but maybe Grant should consider bringing Releford off the bench again. Everyone questioned it at the beginning of the season, but there's no question the team and Releford were playing much better through those first four games.

Crimsontider said...

I will be happy with any win, but I can't possibly feel any improvement, if we only win by say 2 or 3 points, that is all I am saying, I am not usually as pessimistic as I have been lately, I just can't find anything positive to say right now.

alabamaliberal said...

Look at what's happening to basketball among our Division 1 schools in our state: Only 2 of the 9 have winning records at this point in the pre-conference!

Jacksonville State: 8-2
The University of Alabama: 6-3
South Alabama: 5-5
UAB: 5-6
town of auburn: 4-5
Troy: 5-7
Alabama A&M: 2-6
Samford: 2-10
Alabama State: 1-9

and I remember the good ol' days when our state would routinely get
2 teams in the NCAA tournament, and sometimes even 3. I'm telling the truth ! 2004, was it that long ago?

Crimsontider said...

Yea, it's really sad how far our program has fallen in the past few years. Hopefully we can get back there.

Luft Family said...

Lubbock is not a craphole, but it is probably very similar to Tuscaloosa. I'm not sure we are any good, but I think this game will be more competitive than you realize. McNeese has won 6 straight with a few decent wins in that mix. Tech was coming off a 12-day layoff with a VERY young team and coach.

I like Coach Grant and follow Bama hoops. My dad spent time at UA in the late 70s.
But I hope you will be pleasantly surprised with our basketball facility and town.

39 Steps said...

I've been to Lubbock, and it is a craphole compared to Tuscaloosa.

This team is not pleasant to watch.

If they were winning it would be one thing, but losing and being a pain to watch is...excruciating.

DJC said...

Luft, with this game being in the middle of the week, I doubt many (if any) of us will be able to make the trip. I would be there if it were on a weekend.

No disrespect intended, but I think a lot of the perception surrounding Texas Tech right now is that your athletic department seems to be in a bit of disarray. From Pat Knight>Billy Gillespie to the Leach mess to losing Tubby to Cincinnati?

I have not seen Tech play so I am only going by scores and opponents. I think these are two pretty bad basketball teams right now. I find it odd/interesting that Tech does not play outside of Lubbock until January?

Crimsontider said...

Alabama won a game they absolutely had to win, so I'll take it, I guess, but it is really hard to be excited or optimistic about this win. (believe me im trying) The fact that they almost blew a 20 point lead to the worst team in the big 12 is scary, but not really surprising. Why can't we put a complete game together? Maybe Grant just needs to change his style of play