Sunday, December 30, 2012

Too Much Tulane For Tide

This was absolutely embarrassing!  A team loaded with guards, three of whom were supposed to have been high school three point machines, and we shoot 12% outside the arc at home!  (At least that's where it was with less than a minute left when I got disgusted and decided to leave the game.)  And we can't break 50 points?  Gimme a break!

I see where MSmilie already has chimed in and has not yet made any technical observations.  I looked for DJC at the game but did not see him in his seats.  Hopefully he can offer some technical explanations for what happened tonight.  What I think I saw was a team that did not care and was not fundamentally sound, hence a home loss to a mediocre team.  This game reminded me of Gottfried's next to last season, the one just before I burned my season tickets after having sat in front of that 12 year girl all season who eventually lamented toward our team, "At least ACT like you care!"  The end result, I may be be on the verge of giving up on Bama Basketball one more time.

I suppose I wouldn't really care about these games if I did not care about the program. But for a brief respite when my children were young, I have been driving between Mobile and Coleman Coliseum regularly since I graduated in 1979.  I've had season tickets for many of the past 10 or 12 years.  After tonight's debacle, I might stop emotionally investing myself in Bama Basketball and might keep my money in the bank.  I'm darn sure not going to drive seven hours round trip on a week night to watch that kind of junk. 

Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.  Otherwise I'm going to see if I can dump my tickets on  Send me a message if anybody out there wants to buy them.  I'll give you a good deal. 


Crimsontider said...

This year is over, i'm more worried about the direction of the program, which right now is not promising, Grant is in a world of trouble, and does not deserve another year, he just can't coach, period.

finebammer said...

"After tonight's debacle, I might stop emotionally investing myself in Bama Basketball and might keep my money in the bank. I'm darn sure not going to drive seven hours round trip on a week night to watch that kind of junk."

when a bonafide fan of the program says something like this, what does that mean for the casual fan???

consider this, football and basketball, the hires mal moore has made:

dennis frachione. left without speaking man-to-man with his players.

mark gottfried. just typing that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

mike price. "it's rollin, baby!"

mike shula. the most used word at his first presser....."uhhhhhhh".

anthony grant. had to wait a week on.......well, we all KNOW what he really wanted, don't we?

and then the home run hire, the one mal will be remembered for:

(drum roll)

(cymbals clash)

nick saban.

that's just football and basketball. don't follow it like i should but as i recall, alabama baseball hasn't burnt the woods under mal's tutelage either.

message to the alabama president: (be honest, without googling, can you name him?) if the athletic dept. needs a janitor, hire a search committee.

Alias said...

I don't think the football hires can be held against Mal. No good coach wanted to come here at that time because we had no leadership or support in the President's Office and because of the NCAA threats. We were then where api now finds themselves. I have too many good friends who graduated from and love api to take as much delight as some others took in our similar tragedies.

Gottfried was a good hire. Sure his teams drove me nuts, but when his mind was on the game and not some attractive young lady who could have turned any heterosexual man's head he could do a fairl good coaching job. Look what he's doing with the Woofpack now.

I don't know what is going on with Coach Grant right now. I'm not ready to can him, but if he doesn't know this type of performance is not acceptable then someone needs to say it.

finebammer said...

you know, i forgot one:

had a handshake agreement with rich rodriquez. thank god for his coal miner's daughter wife.

alias, you care to speak to the character of any of those coaches???

excuses. when you're running a fortune 500 company, excuses aren't supposed to feed the bulldog. of course, in today's too-big-to-fail world, i guess mal is just another face in the crowd.