Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tulane Adds to Bama's Misery

Bama fell to Tulane tonight by a score of 53-50. It was Alabama's fifth loss in their last six games and their third straight home defeat.

Jesus H. Christ. It is hard to fathom what has happened to this team. This not the team that began the season 6-0, nor do I know what has happened to that team. The team probably doesn't even know what's happened to that team. Alabama will be hard pressed to post a winning record at the rate this season is going. And I can't and won't make any excuses for this coaching staff. Not any more. Bottom line: it's year four and this program is nowhere near being a consistent championship level program, conference or otherwise. I love ya Coach Grant, but it's true.

The game tonight. Well, Nick Jacobs finally shows up and plays a hell of a ball game......but......our guards decide to take the night off. Of course they did. I counted 4-5 (at least) missed wide open shots that could have changed the tone of the game. And our guys - our 4/5 star guys - could not knock one of them down. Not one. I'm a defensive guy. I love defensive basketball. But f*****g hell, is the team going through shooting drills at all? This has become too routine. This has to be addressed. I love defense, but at the end of the day you have to be able to put the ball in the fricken hoop if you want to win games.

To their credit, the team did show some heart in the second half when Tulane took their first five point lead. Unfortunately, the team could not build on that momentum and failed to finish a game yet again. And I'll also give Moussa Gueye some credit for playing his role well during the game. The team finally got some inside production and the perimeter guys failed to answer the call. It's so frustrating being a fan of this program right now.

A tip of the hat to Tulane's Josh Davis. He was the best player on the court and single-handedly kept Tulane in the game at points when it looked like Bama could take some measure of control. If Alabama had a guy that played with half the energy, heart and hustle of that guy, they would be in much better shape right now.

At this point, just cherish whatever victories this team can nab this season and repeat the mantra that has become near and dear to all of us: wait until next season. Cause folks, that's probably the best we can hope for.

Happy New Year to everyone.


BamaLib said...

Maybe this young team needs to have the kind of schedule that Ole Miss and South Carolina have, especially given the situation with the severe lack of personnel, and fading out at the end of games.

With every loss, I keep waiting for that 'breaking point' that forces our players to stop the repititive habits they've settled into. How much more convincing is needed? Perhaps this game is the LAST time we lose a winnable game.

Roll Tide.

Oakland U. is next.

MSmilie said...

Lib: Stop it. Just stop it. This team has lost two straight at home to Mercer and Tulane. Those teams were not scheduled for an RPI bump, okay? Neither is a great team, and Alabama has enough talent to win both games. The bottom line is that this Alabama team is a motherf*****g disaster right now.

I will continue to pull for this team, but understand how truly awful this team is right now. There is no sugar coating what is happening in Tuscaloosa right now. And while I am not on a "fire Grant" tirade right now, this season looks lost. And, frankly, none of us expected what we're seeing. And none of should be happy about it.

bobbyjack said...

Since I didn't see a minute of the game let me add this:

It should be apparent to anyone that follows hoops that CAG isn't the right guy for this job. His peak is the mid-majors.

Anonymous said...

if CAG is coaching next season it will be the same result.. He does not please the tools to produce a championship team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with MS that Jacobs and Gueye played a descent game.
It looked like Bama hasn't shot a basketball since the Mercer game.

Something else is going on here. The first half was one of the worst I've seen in Alabama basketball history.
It's going to be a long season.
Mal Moore won't do anything until the season is over. So save your ink.

crimsontider said...

I sense big changes coming for this basketball program, whether you want them or not. The product being put up on the floor right now in Grant's 4th year should and will not be tolerated. If things don't change soon, Grant will have to be relieved of his duties sooner rather than later, possibly before seasons end

Anonymous said...

I saw the reason for the team attitude last year. I cannot forget the picture when Mitchell was injured and laying on the sideline practically at the feet of CAG and he did not even look down at him, let alone show any concern. There is a serious problem with this team and it is not the lack of talent.

Anonymous said...

Lack of leadership from CAG is the problem. He needs to reduce the playbook, make them work on shooting everyday, and call up Donnavan or somebody to help him draw up 3 or 4 basic plays that leverage the strengths of his players. He is clearly out of his element and has demonstrated he should not be the head coach. Team morale is not good for a number of reasons. I feel bad for the kids. He is micromanaging every play -- it is obviously not working but he must be a slow learner!

crimsontider said...

It's pretty clear that Grant is in over his head. We can't live in denial, or our program will really be in trouble. This was the game, that should shut up the Anthpny Grant apologists for good. I am shocked as well, as i truly thought he was a home run hire, but we have learned what type of coach he truly is. No more excuses, there has to be accountability and that starts at the top with Coach Grant.