Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arkansas preview

Two teams fighting to stay in the top half of the SEC standings. I feel good about this one since Arkansas has yet to win a road game this season and are coming off being OWNED by South Carolina in Columbia.


I've watched them play a couple times this year against Syracuse and Michigan. I thought those games would get them ready for conference play... I was wrong.

BJ Young and Marshawn Powell (he's been there since the Clinton administration) lead the team in scoring at 16.4 and 15.7. Powell is also their best 3 point shooter and leading rebounder. Mardracus Wade leads in steals. From what I saw of Arkansas they are a curious team... I know Mike Anderson wants them to push the ball, but they don't as much as I thought. Is it personnel or scheme? Sure, they average 78 PPG overall, but in SEC play it's down to 68 PPG.

More #s:
- .453 FG
- .306 3pt FG
- .689 FT
- 18.2 forced turnovers

Game is on ESPN2 at 9PM EST.


MSmilie said...

This game scares the crap out of me. For all of their troubles defensively and playing on the road, this is still a talented Arkansas team with a good coaching staff that can drop points on someone at the drop of a hat. If Alabama gets off to another slow start and has to play catch-up with this bunch, it might be a long evening.

Once again, Alabama is facing a stiff disadvantage in the paint. Going to need Jacobs and Gueye to at least break even with the Arkansas guys.

It all comes down to the guards though. Arkansas wants to speed Alabama up. This worked in Alabama's favor last season as they were able to avoid the dreaded half court set and score a bunch in transition. The guards need to take care of the ball and attack the Arkansas pressure. This should result in easy scores and/or free throw attempts and hopefully help avoid the droughts on the offensive end. Scoring is important. I really do think Alabama needs to score more than 60-65 points tonight to win the game.

Alex said...

Well we played our second consecetive crappy game in a row, thankfully we squeezed out a win tonight.
If any of you watched the broadcast on ESPN 2 Bob Knight was basically ripping Grants offense in the second half and I believe much of what he said was true. We waste so much time and never run a screen to get people open.
I don't know why.. I can only guess

MSmilie said...

Horrible performance. Thank goodness they won, but 21 turnovers?! Many of them were unforced to boot. Once again, the guys could have been up double digits at halftime but allowed Arkansas to hang around and eventually make a run.

The offense is abysmal. Bob Knight knows the game. If he's critical of something related to basketball, it's hard to argue with the man. I love good defense. I love the discipline and toughness Grant has brought to the defensive end, but you've got to have balance if you want to be a championship team. This team is shooting the ball better from the perimeter. Are they incapable of running offense that sets up the shooters? I know the lack of a frontcourt scorer hurts, but my goodness.

I don't know if the offense can get any better, but Anthony Grant has got to address it or it ultimately may cost him his job. This team is 13-7 (5-2) right now, but they could have easily lost 5-6 games they've won and could also have won a few more if they were better offensively.

Again, kudos to the team for grinding out these victories, but they are going to lose plenty more if they don't figure out a way to score the ball more efficiently.

MSmilie said...

Almost forgot. Devonta Pollard played a solid game for Alabama tonight on both ends. There was one point in the second half where the team was lagging and Pollard appeared to be trying to do anything that would spark them. That's a good sign from him.

Is Chris Hines still involved with the team in some capacity? I see him sitting behind the bench most games and he was in the team line after the game. Does anyone know?

Crimsontider said...

That was so ugly, but I'll take it need to improve lots of opportunitys to pile up more wins with the schedule. It has not always been pretty but 5-2 is 5-2. RTR

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

Lacey had 7 Turnovers. He's not shooting the ball well lately. I'm to the point where I say put in Retin for those 5 min/game when Releford gets a breather.

Jacobs and Pollard each had 3 turnovers. Nick's were bad though. He had 10 points in 18 min. If we can just get him more min I think our offense would improve greatly. Problem are his liabilities on D and worse, effort.

That's why I think Pollard is the key to us making a tourney run. He's our best inside/outside threat. He's decent to good on D. I think at this point we know what we're going to get from everyone else on the team each night. We need that one player to step it up.

Now I turn to Sat and our worst of the worst houses of horror (Gainesville and Oxford are up there too). If we can't win in Nashville this year, we might have to wait until the 22nd century. I'll be in Vegas but will certainly find a sports book to watch the game.

finebammer said...

didn't hear Knight as i was listening to Stewart and Passink who did their typically fantastic job of calling the game.

Passink was upset at times over the refs not calling fouls either way. when the fans were doing the rammer jammer after the game he chimed in 'we just beat the hell out of each other'.

(also, during one of the referee reviews in the first half you could hear the student section chanting 'it's a school nite')


but trying to blame the refs on our inability to run alley oops, (missed one by a mile due to a terrible pass) inability to lay the ball up, in ability to run an offense just don't work.

arkansas is not a good team. yet we had to fight like cats and dogs to scrap out a win at home. largely due to half assed effort in the second half. moose played about as good as he can right now.

next up, three out of four games on the road.

all beatable teams.

bobbyjack said...

Tourney run? Tourney run? We're talking about a tourney run?
HA! In the NIT maybe. Somehow this team is 5-2 in conference, but barring a SECT Title or CAG buying tickets for the players we ain't going.

Arkansas is horrible yet they had a chance to beat us.

3 of the next 4 are on the road. All winnable. Let's see what happens.

LickCreek said...

That game was terrible to watch. Grant is
Going to haveto find someone to help him coach offense. It has been terrible ever since he has been there. He will never last unless something changes.I'm not sure I would listen to anything Bob not said during the game. He sounded like he was drunk to me. Half the things he said didn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Streetball at its best. That was painful to watch.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

I'm almost to the point of thinking our half court offense is drain the clock and shoot by design. We play very intense D and if we don't have an opportunity to score in transition then those first 20 seconds we drain off the shot clock is our rest period so we can play in your face D again next possession. Grant certainly isn't the first coach to use this strategy. The problem is with his roster mistakes leading to a depleted roster he's almost forced to play this style.

Yes, I still think we can make a NCAA tourney run. If you look around the country, the bubble is huge and weak. The biggest unknown to me is how will the committee treat the Steele injury.

39 Steps said...

In regards to Knight: it's hard to talk when you're biting your tongue.

DJC said...

Those holding your breath to get a break from the committee for the Steele injury are going to be disappointed. You guys know how much I like Steele, but the committee doesn't watch our games. They may or may not be aware of our record with him vs without him, but at the end of the day they are going to say, "do we excuse home losses to Mercer, Dayton, and Tulane because they were missing one guy who averages 4 points, 1.6 assists, and 2.3 rebounds per game?" Clearly, the answer will be no.

Crimsontider said...

DJC hit it on the head the committee will not understand the value that Andrew provides to our team, because they do not watch all of the games. Shame, but it is what it is.