Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Let's give a warm welcome to our new members the Mizzou Tigers

Actually, I'd rather not, but I suspect they'll beat us down and make us like it. They come in 11-2 (12 in AP) with losses to Louisville and UCLA in OT.

Mizzou game notes from their official site.

I've only watched them vs Illinois... was impressed with them especially on the defensive side. Offensively, Bowers inside (16.8) and Pressley outside (13.8) lead the team. Alex Oriakhi also puts in 10.2 and pulls down 8.8 boards. Inside, they will give us fits.


Numbers to watch:
- 78.5 PPG
- 45% FG
- 34% 3pt FG
- Defensively 37.5% and 31.7% from 3 point range
- + 13 rebound margin

Sorry for the short review... had a short timeline between watching the Notre Dame beatdown plus work near the west coast = super short preview for a big game. I think we are in for a beatdown the likes of what we did to Notre Dame in Miami.

Tip off is 7PM EST on ESPN. Bama haters might get their 'revenge' for last night.


Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

The good news is the final score wasn't indicative of the majority of the game. Thanks to Releford in the 1st half and Lacey to start the 2nd we hung around and led for a while. But in the end the D was poor and Mizzou was on fire. We shot well too until the mid-point of the 2nd half when we couldn't get anything in the paint. I'm glad the team played more inspired basketball. Moussa needs to play even less. He cost us what 3? 4? possessions with moving screens. Grant needs to figure how to play and win with 8 guys.

finebammer said...

the problem wasn't moose.

the problem was TR disappearing in the second half.

i heard chris and passink use the phrase 'lack of effort' on more than one occasion in the second half.

mizzou's a good team and this was a road game but in the first half when we were applying ourselves defensively, we were staying with them.

something happened at halftime.

mizzou went of scoreless stretches in the 2nd half. so did we.

and we stopped playing defense in the second half. releford disappeared.

there's a problem here between our coach and our team. if it isn't resolved soon, this is gonna get really ugly.

MSmilie said...

Not sure what Stewart or Passink were watching, but I thought the effort was there all night.

How could you defend Moussa Gueye's performance last night. Two of the moving screens he was called for were during key moments of the game, and he seemed more like 6 feet than 7 feet when Oriakhi and Bowers went at him. The guy did not have a good game, man.

Releford scored 26 points, man. He had, what, 18 in the first half. Not many players can post back to back halves like that, particularly when the opposing team is probably looking to shut that player down in the second. Releford played a hell of a game, get off his back.

The coach you perceive as a problem isn't going to be resolved soon so you may as well find something else to flap your gums about. For someone who is so cynical about the leadership in the athletic department, I thought you would have figured this out by now.

BamaLib said...

I think Stewart and Passink on the radio were frustrated with the ridiculously-high FG% shooting of Missouri, and frustrated that the Missouri scoring couldn't be stopped toward the end as we were trying to catch up. I heard them also on the radio say that Releford's defense wasn't there, but ESPN was showing the opposite. Releford was all over that other point guard as he was making his lay-ups. Releford fought through screens, and even was credited for bringing the officials to call an illegal screen on Missouri because of Releford's detemination. And some of Missouri's 3-pointers were way deep beyond the 3-point line.

Stewart and Passink know very well that our players were hustling and giving maxiumum effort. Alabama OUT-REBOUNDED a team with significant height and strength in the paint, a team that is among the nation's leaders in rebounding, and we out-rebounded them even as they shot a much-higher field-goal percentage. I don't know how we did, but we did ! Alabama's rebounding defininitely exceeded our expectations.

Monsieur Moussa Gueye. I praise him for his intimidation of Missouri's forwards as I observed him to cause bad shots by Oriakhi and Bowens (or Bowers or whatever, my apology), AND his blocks & his rebounds were all very helpful for our cause. But on the offensive side? (sigh).

I'm getting angrier at seeing correctable errors being repeated over and over again. Gueye MUST try to learn how to set the screen legally, and guards MUST learn to make their move after the screen gets established. It's ridiculous to foul out because a majority of your fouls are on the offensive side of the floor. How can anyone possibly claim that this is not a "problem" for a team in trying to score on every offensive possession to win a game?

I'm also frustrated with Nick Jacobs for his lack of involvement or effort in getting back on defense. In this game he got beat down the floor and yielded up a basket, and this is once again a repeating error yet again.

The claim that "something must have happened at halftime between players and coach" is dishonest and frankly malicious.

On the contrary, Alabama's players actually overcame their half-time deficit and had the game tied after half-time! Alabama was very much in the game at the midway point of the second-half, and that's the truth. Is someone deliberately trying to create rumors and disillusionment?

ROLL TIDE, my friends !

finebammer said...

" Releford was all over that other point guard as he was making his lay-ups."

really dude. are you proofreading??