Thursday, January 03, 2013

Oakland Grizzlies preview

2 struggling team collide, one must win... might as well be us for once right?

The Grizzlies come in at 6-9, but fresh off a HUGE win at the always tough IUPUI Jaguars in Indy in front of a raucous crowd of about 690. Chances are there won't be many more Saturday (been sick for a few days... they all blend together) to see this epic battle, but the MILLIONS (and millions) at home will be watching this closely on Comcast SE and ESPN3.

Travis Bader comes in pouring in 20.3 PPG (which is about as much as we score nowadays). He takes more 3 pointers than 2s (150 to 72) and makes slightly more (40% from beyond the arc). He is the one to key on.

Corey Petros is 2nd on the team in points (13.3), and tops in boards (7.7)... and at 6'10" is going to give us fits inside. When he's not playing ball he doubles as their mascot. Or at least he's a reasonable facsimile.

Duke Mondy is the other one averaging double digits and is their assist leader.A Providence transfer,  he's the only other one of note to watch beyond the arc.

Drew Valentine and Ryan Bass round out the scoring threats. Rafael Carter is the other big man to watch as he's been getting some PT lately and with our lack of size he could be a game-changer (kind of sad I'm saying that, but it is what it is).


After what we've seen the last 6 weeks there are no gimme wins on the table. Game time is 4PM EST. I'll watch this and whatever NFL playoff game is going on at the same time.

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