Friday, January 25, 2013

@ Tennessee quick preview

If we can win this one, we could possibly go on a 12 game winning streak (look at the schedule). I'm not putting the cart before the horse though.

Up to date stats.

Not much has changed since the 1st preview besides UT losing 2 of their last 3 so here's a link to it.

Should be a close game. We need 2 solid halves from Lacey. He seems to disappear in one or the other. It would also be nice to see the Nick Jacobs of the last 2 games.

Game is 2PM EST Saturday.


Crimsontider said...

Worried about this, UT is better than their record suggests, should be interesting

Alex said...

Agreed, Tennessee is much better than most people think. They lost to Memphis by 5, had two shots to tie up the game @ Ole Miss with about 20 seconds on the clock, very nearly beat us at coleman..

Also, Grant said they have had a bad week of practice post-Kentucky and that the team has practiced without any urgency. This scares me and I would not be surprised if we came out and dropped this game.

We really should be favored in every game from now until Florida but I think it's just unrealistic to expect we will win them all.

Nobody on our basketball team has experienced winning consistently at a high level and I have no doubt there will be some letdowns along the way. I'm just hoping we can win some of these games against weaker competition where we don't bring our A game.

Alex said...

K there goes our NCAA tournament hopes.
I'm not so pissed about the last call as I am the crappy play going down the stretch of the first half and the second half.
We shot a much better percentage than they did but we completely choked at the free throw line and we didn't have rebounding presence. Jacobs got totally beasted by Stokes every time he was in there.

It's so damn hard to watch our basketball team because our offense routinely goes into these 5-10 minute funks and I have no explanation as to why it happens.
It's beyond frustrating and I'm tired of it.

MSmilie said...

Well, they gave this one away, guys. Should have been up 15 or more points at halftime. Went into a hole on both ends in the second half, missed free throws, and a badly missed call at the end sealed their fate. I don't think the loss kills any postseason hopes, but it definitely didn't help. Win this one today and Bama's probably in that magical top 50 RPI range. Terrible loss.

Crimsontider said...

Fix was in these refs had UT and the points, unfreakingbelievable!!! Mal Moore and Coach Grant should send in a complaint to the SEC offices immediately.

Crimsontider said...

Coach Grant can't let this go he can't, the refs were awful all game long, the fix was in, black eye for the SEC. These refs should be fired

Anonymous said...

Should have had a much bigger lead at the half. Jacobs back to his old habits. You have to shoot free throws everyday on your own time.
No excuse for poor free throw shooting.
Coop you're playing too soft. You have to step up to next the level.
Should have never lost this one.

The reason why the offense can't
generate anything is simple.
With the post players Bama has, they can't keep trying to set picks
at the top of the key. I said this before. The offense will always be out of sync. Normally you could run a pick and roll with this setup.
However, our bigs aren't mobile enough to do this. So the result is what you see.
Set picks with the other guards and you'll find it all runs smoother.....where's my million dollars.

39 Steps said...

2 million

Anonymous said...

lol..thanks 39...hate to lose this way.

bobbyjack said...

As others have said... we let this one get away. When you hold a team to 19 pts in the 1st half you normally should have a comfortable lead. Our lack of an inside presence killed us int he 2nd half.

Releford seemed to be the only one scoring. Our half court is even worse than it was under xCMG.

On the last shot... yeah, Lacey was fouled, but let's be honest and say that most times it's not being called on the road. DJC does a better job on recaps than I so I'll defer to him. Good seeing him and his gf before the game for a few brews.

DJC said...

Thanks Bobby, seeing you and your boy was the highlight of the day. I'll post a recap of some sort tomorrow, tired after the long drive and don't feel like doing it tonight.