Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bama Beats Bulldogs, 52-45

At this point, I'm not sure if I should continue to complain about the offense.  It is what it is, which is not good.  Going forward, I think I'm just going to embrace this team's identity of being a hard working, great defensive, offensively challenged team that strives to win ugly.  It doesn't get much uglier than what we saw in Athens, but I will take that over a pretty loss any day.

It took us 5 minutes to score to start the game, but thankfully we only fell behind by 7 points.  We were able to chip away and actually take a lead into halftime.

If we could somehow combine Nick Jacobs and Moussa Gueye into one person, we would have a pretty good center.  As it stands, we have one decent offensive player who can't do much of anything on defense, and another who is pretty good defensively, but no help on offense.

Rodney Cooper had a great game.  The form on his shot looks to be improving, but I would still like to see him put more arc on the ball.  Trevor Lacey's shooting slump continues, but I liked the way he played last night.  He was aggressive at both ends, and worked to get good shots.  As long as he keeps shooting, they will start falling at some point, and then we will be a more difficult team to defend.

I am disappointed that Devonta Pollard has not developed more than he has.  His shot is AUful.  He was 0 for 5, and his first 2 shots were air balls, one of which was from about 7 feet.

Retin got some playing time and made the most of it.  He must have read my post after his last game about him getting to the basket but not finishing.  This time he didn't mess around with layups and had an impressive dunk.  I like the energy he brings and he's obviously very quick.  I thought he gave us a spark off the bench.

Once again, we had a team on the ropes and failed to put them away.  We were up 8 with around 4 minutes to play, but gave up a 9-0 run.  I liked how the team responded to losing the lead though, we picked it up a notch and made back to back 3s to regain control.  The defense made the necessary stops in the final two minutes to get the victory.

With the win, we move into a tie with Kentucky for 2nd place in the SEC at 8-3.  It was a huge win towards our goal of finishing in the top 4 and getting the double bye in the SEC tournament.

It looked like there were a ton of empty seats on TV.  There did not appear to be anybody sitting in the upper level behind the basket, and that arena is not particularly large.  That was sort of surprising to me given their recent hot streak, but in my experiences UGA fans rival auburn fans in terms caring only about football.

Up next, we return home to face the South Carolina Gamecocks at 3 p.m. Saturday.  The Cocks are led by Coach Grant's good friend Frank Martin, and I'm sure he will have his team ready to go.  We will need a good crowd on hand to encourage Bama to beat the Cocks.

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Crimsontider said...

Should be two easy wins coming up. 10-3 in the SEC. RTR