Thursday, February 14, 2013

Minor update to site and the state of the SEC

Minor update
Testing out something called Disqus for comments. It's a comment board used on websites like CNN, Android community, FoxNews, and others. The upside is one logon goes across multiple boards.

If the majority don't like this we can go back to the way it was... but I'll be honest and tell you I like the Disqus comment board.

I saw that previous comments were deleted not published.... working on this now. I still see them in the admin piece of this blog. Hopefully it's temporary as an import supposedly goes 24 hours.

UPDATE- Old comments are back, updated mobile version (now closer to a Crimson color), but mobile comments are posting to blogger not Disqus (meaning it is using the old format in mobile only). Looking into it. At some point I'm going to try to redesign the website as it's been like this for over 2 years. Sometimes change is good.

State of the SEC
Here are your standings:


Florida101.909203.870Won 212083
Kentucky83.727177.708Lost 112255
Alabama83.727168.667Won 210365
Missouri74.636186.750Won 214046
Ole Miss74.636186.750Lost 212165
Arkansas65.545159.625Won 114118
Georgia65.5451212.500Lost 19636
Texas A&M56.455159.625Won 111445
Tennessee56.4551310.565Won 29347
LSU46.400138.619Lost 111226
Vanderbilt38.273914.391Lost 16638
Auburn38.273915.375Lost 27629
South Carolina28.2001211.522Lost 48645
Mississippi St.29.182716.304Lost 956210

Right now I see 3 teams from this conference getting in (UF, UK, Mizzou). I also see a 4th team coming from Ole Miss (favorite), Alabama, and Arkansas (a huge stretch, but due to their non-conference slate).

I'm leaning to 3 teams unless an upstart wins the SEC tournament... while is possible if Florida plays at 50%.


bobbyjack said...


Crimsontider said...

It works, love the new site design.As for the state of the SEC, Alabama has a very good chance to finish in second.

y2 Chramer said...

Here, I'll test it out with this:

"I didn't come to Alabama to win 10 games a year and be a contender. I came here to win championships. Conference championships and national championships. I love it here because that's just not what I want, but what this fanbase expects."
- Alabama Head Football Coach, Nick Saban

"We need to raise our expectations for basketball."
- 39Steps

DJC said...

Arkansas's road record will all but kill their chances. The SEC tournament is wide open this year if Florida doesn't take it seriously, which is why it's imperative for us to stay in that top 4 to give ourselves a chance of winning it.

bobbyjack said...

If they somehow end up 11-7 with their tough non-conference schedule they have an outside shot. They have UF and Mizzou twice in conference.

bobbyjack said...

I think we did by paying Grant almost $2 million/yr for hoops. We haven't lived up to it yet (and it remains to be seen if we ever do under him), but the $ paid is a step in the right direction.