Saturday, February 09, 2013

Quick LSU preview

I'm still irked over the Barn game. Our football team scored more on them AT THE HALF than the hoops team did in THE ENTIRE GAME. That should NEVER happen!

LSU is on a 3 game winning streak. They're trying to make it 4 tonight. Here is a preview from their website. Funny thing is they are winning like we do... by the skin of their teeth, but they are winning and that is all that counts. Saying that, they beat 2 terrible teams by 1 point (M$U and Vandy), but did beat Mizzou (who can't beat anyone on the road) and took Kentucky to the wire in Lexington.


Anthony Hickey is their leading scorer with Johnn O'Bryant III manning the inside. Andre Stringer is their tiny guard that will test Releford on the offensive end with his dribble drive and 3 point shooting. Maybe Jacobs can swat a few shots if he's interested tonight. Shavon Coleman is also averaging double digits a game as their undersized forward. This is one of the few games we'll play where we match up well size wise.

- 71.1 PPG
- 62.2% FT
- 42.4% FG
- 33.6% 3pt FG

Quite honestly this is a game we should win, but who knows what team shows up.
Game time is 8PM EST on ESPN2.


finebammer said...


who to replace him with???

try this guy:

miami's athletic dept. is broke. this guy's turned things around everywhere he's been and won big. and is still winning big.

somebody's gonna poach him. why not us?

Anonymous said...

Looks like nothing was done in the last 2 days to improve or change our offense.

Anonymous said...

This team is unwatchable. My kids Upwards team looks better. Zero offensive philosophy. We were #2 in 3 pt shooting a few games ago now we can't find the broad side of a barn from outside and every shot from outside is tentative. That change happens because of coaching. An entire team doesn't lose it's outside shooting without specific guidance. When Jimmy Dykes is dogging your offense you have problems! Bama is projected as a 3 seed in the NIT. Gittfried's fourth year? 27-8, ranked #8, seeded #2 in the South region. And he inherited a bigger mess from Hobbs than Grant did. Just saying.

crimsontider said...

Agree, with the second anonymous poster, 4 years is enough time to build a respectable program, and it is certainly enough time to develop a competent offense. I know we are 7-3 in league play, but the record is not the problem, the product on the floor is the problem! Lets face it, we are not a good team, we are just a product of a down SEC. The games are just completely unwatchable, and are offense has just gotten worse. If the offense does not get better, Grant has to go!!! He has had plenty of time!! No more excuses!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At times it difficult to watch.
Cooper played well except for FT shooting.
Moussa had some nice blocks but can't stay out of foul trouble.
No movement on offense against a zone.
I thought Nick play a little better.
Looked like Pollard got benched.
Right now we can't throw it in the ocean.

crimsontider said...

On Devonta Pollard, does anybody know why he is struggling? I think it is officially time to chalk him up as a bust, he has been a heartbreaking dissapointment for this Alabama team.

Alex said...

On Pollard: Guys.. he was a a 5 star by one recruiting service.. very borderline 5 star there and 4 star on all other ones. To put that in perspective JaMychael was a consensus 5 star and rated as high as 6th best in the country by some services. Pollard wasn't meant to be some kind of savior.

I can't figure out whats happened to Lacey.. he has all but disappeared from the offense. I don't know if other teams are game planning to shut him down or if hes just not feeling confident in his stroke right now but we need him to drop some shots from outside.

Seeing as there won't be any NCAAs this year barring something amazing happening like beating Florida and making a run in the tournament I'm mainly watching to see how we develop for next year.

The media seems to love the "win when Andrew Steele is playing" story but in truth he just isn't anywhere close to his brothers talent level and so if someone else can just step up as a leader then I don't think we will miss him moving foward into next year.

I do not believe you should fire a coach unless you already have a very good plan on where to go next. Miami's coach yes that I would not mind nor would I mind Bruce Pearl but I do not think we need to let go of Grant just to move laterally. Especially when next years team SHOULD be the best in the past 6 or 7 years.

MSmilie said...

The team played with better effort on both ends. The offense was aggressive but struggled again tonight due to poor shooting. Still, I thought the guys moved well without the ball and it resulted in open looks. Keep doing that and the shots will go down. Oh, and knock down their free throws! This game would not have been in doubt late if they just make free throws. A tip of the hat to Nick Jacobs who made some clutch free throws down the stretch.

I know you guys will accuse me of defending the coaches, but the root cause of Bama's offensive troubles begins in the paint. O'Bryant really had his way tonight and I couldn't help but wonder what the offense would look like if we had a guy in the paint like him that could catch the ball cleanly and make plays around the rim. O'Bryant came down to Bama and LSU in his recruitment. If Alabama had a consistent post presence that opened up things for the shooters (assuming they could knock down their shots), I think the offense would be better.

Nice to see Retin get some playing time tonight. He missed a point blank lay-up on a fastbreak, but I thought he played well while he was in there.

I'll be interested to see if any of the Bama beat guys ask about Pollard tonight. He tried to take a charge and took a heck of a shot from the LSU player. He came out of the game and I don't think he returned.

Not a great overall game, particularly at the end, but a win was a must coming off that travesty at Auburn.

MSmilie said...

This idea that Alabama should hire someone like Bruce Pearl is amazing. The slick son of a bitch got busted in a lie and then lied again. Yeah, that's who you want running your program.

Anthony Grant isn't going anywhere people, unless he chooses to get the hell out of dodge. You may as well accept that fact. There's no way Alabama pulls the plug on a guy who has taken two teams- maybe three - to the postseason in four years at a place where basketball is not a high priority.

crimsontider said...

I am in no way advocating for the firing of Anthony Grant (yet) just said that the product needed to improve. I do think the effort was much better tonight, but we are going to need to play a great game on the road if we want to come away with a win against a red-hot Georgia team. RTR

crimsontider said...

And MSmilie just don't bring up the NIT as a reason to keep a coach, nobody cares about the NIT, if you are in the NIT, you are irrelevent.

finebammer said...

crimsontider said...
"I am in no way advocating for the firing of Anthony Grant........"

well i damn well am.

did anyone see the empty seats out there tonite??

that i love our broadcast team should be no secret to anyone here. but the way Chris Stewart and Bryan Passink went on about what a "great" crowd that was....well, i'll just say both are great advocates for the program but both used an extreme economy with the truth on that one.


there were empty seats everywhere. it was pathetic. and that's because alabama basketball as a product right now is pathetic.

folks who might be inclined to go to a basketball game HAD BETTER THINGS TO DO.

anthony grant is in WAY over his head. if he were ANY kind of a coach he'd be a diamond in a bucket of coal right now. every minute from here on out we keep him as our basketball coach is another minute WASTED.

to think this no-coaching clown made us wait a week while he waited to see if the florida job came open.

damn billy donovan.

yeah, they played "better" tonite. i think i read they were 19 of 54 from the field. all of you clowns touting how much "better" they played back it up with numbers.

field goal percentage.

free throw percentage.

you can't. and you can't because they're shit.

the only reason we won this game tonite was lsu was too shitty a team to overcome playing in a different gym. that's all.

we lose by 15 at baton rouge.

and now here we are again. yeah, m is right. we're gonna keep this no coaching, mike shula of basketball clown. next year he'll squeak his way into the dance and get bounced out in the first round again and m will be pleasuring himself all over his computer blathering on about how wrong i was.

but you remember something. i want more for this program. just making the dance isn't enough for me.

i want it all.

and anthony grant CAN'T DO THAT.


finebammer said...

"Saturday marked 43 years and two days since LSU’s Pete Maravich set the coliseum record by scoring 69 points."

think about that.

MSmilie said...

crimsontider: I'm not just bringing it up. The NIT may be irrelevant to you, but to the people who make hiring and firing decisions at a school like Alabama where making the NCAA tournament every year is not a priority, the NIT counts as a postseason bid and, therefore, a measure of success.

Personally, I think the NIT gets a bad rap. It's a great tournament with good teams every year. I'm not offering that as an Anthony Grant fan, just a basketball fan. But I digress.

My point was not to defend, but merely to point out that three postseason appearances in four years will not be seen as failure. Sorry.

Finebammer: There was no reason to insult me. I've laid off on mixing it up with you because it didn't add anything to the conversation.

With that written, you are insane. Seriously, go back and read what you post. It's the miserable, driveling rantings of a very sad person. You call a man who you don't know personally a "no-coaching clown" and talk about firing his ass and blah blah blah.
You are the example that people who don't appreciate sports present when they want to make a point to me about how sports incites boorish behavior and further adds to the dumbing down of our society. I know that isn't the case, but reading your insane ranting above about a basketball coach makes me pause.

Dude, get a life. Seriously.It's one thing to care about the direction of a program and get down when things are going well, it's another to write consistently vitriolic posts that are peppered with insults of coaches, players and anyone who dares call you out on such lunacy. Here's an idea: stop imagining me pleasuring myself and do something else with your time for your own psychological well-being.

Crimsontider said...

M, your missing the point the record is not the problem, the product on the court is. Alabama can be a school that gets ins the NCAAT every year, no reason we can't be, look at the Wimp Sanderson era.

MSmilie said...

Uh, no, you're missing the point. When did I defend the record or not making the NCAAT?

If someone like Finebammer was in charge of the direction of the basketball program my opinion would be that Grant's days are numbered. Fortunately, the people in charge of those decisions are much more rational and look at this from a number of angles that people like you and I don't.

Frankly, anyone who expected Grant to come in here and turn Alabama into a championship contender so quickly is delusional. I don't think any coach (name a coach) could have come in and, doing things by the rulebook, turned Alabama completely around in four years. The facilities, the overall lack of fan interest, the lack of promotion that DJC has referred to, these all play a part and would have hurt anyone who was hired. Despite that, Grant has recruited well (he may not bring in large classes, but he's signed highly rated recruits) and the program has had some success.

That said, things have to improve. It's hard to engage fan interest when the team is inconsistent. It's hard to encourage those in charge to upgrade facilities when success is fleeting. I've never said I'm thrilled with where the program is, but I don't think it's time to panic either. At the end of the day, this is still a team that is 7-3 in league play. Maybe the league is down, but someone has to win those games. Would you prefer the team be 3-7 right now? I don't believe this is a good team right now, but I'm not going to discount the wins either.

Anonymous said...

NC State 58 - Clemson 57. You think Mark Gottfried is available.

crimsontider said...

Im not asking to be a championship contender, i'm asking for a competent offense. Anthony Grant is a great defensive coach, but i am not sure what he is trying to do offensively. Grant is not earning his money right now, he is so overpaid it is absurd.

crimsontider said...

Frank Martin?

bobbyjack said...

I'm gonna take the hardline approach that 1.9 million is not an investment for merely postseason... it's for winning SEC titles and advancing far in the NCAAT. I never thought for a minute that Grant was the guy that can take us there.

Saying that, he's here at least through next season... and I suspect he knows that. If he wins big next year I bet the farm he'll parlay that to a higher ranking job... if not, he'll collect his buyout and joining John Pelphrey back on the UF sidelines. Either way he's in a no lose situation.

Somehow my 7YO was interested in the game last night so I spent most of the time explaining what was a foul, a turnover, and why the refs blow the whistle. He did ask me why we couldn't score which I had no answer for outside of the rims don't like us.

Hopefully he continues this path of Bama hoops fandom... with more of a payoff that I have had so far in my 23 yrs of following.

I'm too lazy to check for typos so excuse them.

Crimsontider said...

BobbyJack said it best, M is okay with paying a coach 2 mil a year just to produce average results and make the NCAAT every once in a while, but that is not what you pay a coach that much money to do.

MSmilie said...

crimsontider: I'm beginning to think you lack basic reading skills. Go back and read my post. Where do I write that I am okay with paying a coach 2 mil a year to produce average results? My point was that turning Alabama into more than an average program takes time, more than four years. You don't want to believe that, fine. But don't post some obnoxious trash that I embrace mediocrity because you're way off, pal.

Yes, Wimp had a fabulous first four years in Tuscaloosa (3 NCAA, 1 NIT), but he inherited a strong program from C.M. Newton. Grant inherited a program in steep decline from Gottfried (does anyone want to argue that?).

I wouldn't personally pay someone 2 million for what has been produced up to this point, but I don't have a say in the salary decisions at the university. Sorry.

Bobby and I have never seen eye to eye regarding Grant, but I don't think he was ripping me that I accept average results. Bobby was giving his personal opinion on the matter in his comment above, which is what I've been doing. He then goes on to point out that Grant isn't going anywhere soon. That's because he understands that a person can have an opinion on the coaching matter, yet still have a basic understanding of how the hiring/firing process works. You obviously don't, or at least you don't in regards to what I post here.

I like Anthony Grant. I think he's a good man and a good basketball coach. I'm hoping he succeeds. If that makes me a bad person or a bad fan, so be it. If Grant doesn't succeed, the program will move on, hire someone else, and we'll see what happens. You guys act like I'm supporting the Anti-Christ or something. I'm supporting a basketball coach. Get a grip.

I guess I just get tired of seeing comment after comment focus squarely on Grant. Focusing on Grant is redundant because there is no indication that he is currently on the hot seat with the people who pay his salary. To continue to go on and on about the man is so counter-productive. Yes, the offense sucks. It's the giant elephant in the room right now. But there's a lot of bad offense in college basketball right now. This team also plays hard on the defensive end and has exhibited more toughness and effort than anything we ever saw under Gottfried, even during the so called good years. I'm not crazy about the current state of the program, but I do think it's a progression from where this program was at the end of the Gottfried tenure. Remember how road games were an automatic L for this program? Can't say that anymore. Make a list of pros and cons for the program under Grant and tell me honestly that the program is in horrible shape.

Yes, Grant will need to examine some things in the coming days and off-season regarding his staff and whether or not he needs to bring someone new in to work on the offense, but this idea that a man who is on pace to average 20 victories/season through four seasons can't coach or needs to be fired is simply unfair.

bobbyjack said...

I wasn't M, and I've stated many times before I'm probably the most cynical about Grant of the writers on here.

I'm of the belief we should go the high end asst coach route for a HC instead of plucking from a mid-major in basketball. You tend to buy more loyalty that way and potentially a better bang for the buck.

And I differ from M and DJC on Pearl... he turned UTK from a doormat to an Elite 8 team/regular top 25 squad. I hate everything UTK, but freely admit I liked the way he coached them up.

Bamalib said...

We so act like babies when Alabama loses unexpectedly.

"Fire the Coach! ! The bulk of the SEC is woeful. It must be the coaches' faults. All the SEC should fire their coaches and try to hire the coaches at Duke, Louisville, and Indiana. Oh, no, they have lost games too and need to be fired! Kentucky must have a bad coach too because they are getting whipped. Vanderbilt must have an aweful coach, because they are losing many games."