Tuesday, February 12, 2013

@ UGA preview

The Dawgs come in winners of 5 in a row including 3 road wins @ A&M, SC Lite, and UTK. Granted, they didn't beat much of anyone on this 5 game stretch, but being that they were putrid to start the season (losses to Iona, Youngstown St, USF, GA Tech) it seems like they have found their groove. Don't expect an offensive explosion tonight as we will see 2 teams that can't throw it in the ocean from the edge of the beach.

Season stats

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope averages 17.7 a game which is more than double the next scorer (Nemanja Djurisic). Pope is 46/38% FG/3pt FG so we need to watch him.

Djurisic has been coming off the bench, but pulling in 25+ MPG so he's on the court a lot. I'm not sure why as he's neither a real offensive threat or a defensive presence, but maybe he's their Andrew Steele and they play better when he's in there.

Donte' Williams is an inside presence that could present problems for Gueye and Jacobs. He's only averaging a little over 5 a game, but he is talented and with our issues inside he could be one to watch as well.

Charles Mann is their PG that shoots 3s as well as he shoots 2s. The problem is both are under 36%. Still, he has been playing better the last month (again not saying much looking at the competition). He's been coming off the bench recently so that might have something to do with it.

Some #s
- 59.7 PPG
- .422 FG
- .355 3pt FG
- 15.3 turnover/game

Their frontcourt worries me. I suspect they will dominate us inside and get Gueye to foul out early leaving Nick "Defense is a 4 letter word" Jacobs in there more than we like. We really need to find that stroke from the outside again to win tonight. Otherwise, I think we come up short to the tune of 21-17 UGA.

I checked the over on this game and it's 112. I don't think this game gets there unless it goes to double OT. If you live in GA and want to buy a last minute ticket, UGA is running $8 tickets specials. Or you can look to stubhub. I normally go to this game, but the late start and being a work day makes it a bit much to overcome.

Game time is 9PM EST on ESPNU and watchespn.com


Anonymous said...

Cee have got to be the worst coached team in Div 1! I was excited about the Grant hire but this team looks completely inept on offense. If you disagree watch Gonzaga or Creighton. Looks like they are trying to lower their Auburn score.

Alex said...

Is there a way we can combine Jacobs and Gueye into one person?

When Jacobs is in its like playing 4 v 5 on defense and when Gueye is in its like 4 v 5 on offense.

bobbyjack said...

No matter who wins... we all lose for watching this instead of Michigan-Michigan St.

Alex said...

When Georgia hit that shot and went up by 1 point 41-40 I saw something from Lacey that I needed to see to keep faith in this team. He had the ball in his hands and he didn't play passive. He drove with a purpose looking like a man on a mission. He didn't shoot the ball but his penetration got the defense to collapse and he found a wide open Levi for the 3. Great play by Lacey, why can't we do that more often?

Crimsontider said...

I think I'll take that one. RTR

Crimsontider said...

BobbyJack, Michigan Michigan State was a blowout, pretty awful game.

Murray NA said...

Retin Obasohan needs more playing time. He has a lot of basketball instinct. I'm really impressed with his play.
Cooper continues to improve...So take them one at time.
South Carolina next.

BamaLib said...

Sometimes Alabama overachieves, sometimes Alabama underachieves.

But that's the game of basketball.

But if you recall the Preseason Rankings of the SEC, don't you all remember that Alabama was expected to finish in 5th place ? Look at us now.

Congratulations Coach Grant and the team for this big Road Victory against a team on a streak. Continue to progress !


Unknown said...

We should be 18-8 going into next weekend. Hopefully this will give the guys some motivation going into the Florida and Ole Miss games. Roll Tide!