Saturday, February 02, 2013

@ Vanderbilt preview

It's been beaten to the ground, but we haven't won in Nashville (outside of the SEC tournament) since 1990. DJC went through exactly how much time has passed since then and the things that happened that year... let me add a couple more:

- GA Tech and Colorado shared the CFB National title
- Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson
- The University was under 19,000 students (it's overcrowded now, but I won't get into that)

- Larry Johnson was still at UNLV

Now that I got the silliness out of the way... this MIGHT BE THE BEST CHANCE EVER to win there. Vanderbilt is 8-11. They lost 11 games all of last year and are a meager 5-5 at home. Saying that, they played Kentucky and Ole Miss tough there so I suspect we'll be in for a war.

Kedren Johnson is the only one averaging double digits at 14.8 PPG. He's hitting about 35% from 3. Johnson can dribble-drive which should keep Releford busy on the defensive end.  Kyle Fuller and Rod Odom drop 9.9 and 9.3 PPG. Fuller can also take the ball to the rim, but can't seem to finish. He's only 38/28% from the field/3 point range. Odom should be more of an inside presence, but has been content shooting from beyond 10 feet. Combine those 3 and you have more than half of the team's scoring average (59.6). Kevin Bright is probably the one to watch beyond the arc as he's hitting almost 50% from there. He's also their leading rebounder.

This is one of the few games where being undersized doesn't hurt us as Vandy only have 2 'big men' that contribute regularly. It's our backcourt vs their for supremacy. If Jacobs shows up we might even have the advantage inside.

Vanderbilt season stats

- 41% FG
- 35% 3pt FG
- -2.0 rebound margin
- 5.8 steals

Game time is 4PM EST on the SEC Network and


Alex said...

Well, there is alot I could complain about here..
That being said though, I am not going to complain one bit.
I'm just happy that we finally won one at Vandy.

MSmilie said...

What in the hell could anyone complain about following this game? Jesus Christ. Can't you negative bastards take a day off?

The team played well. Not a great start but the team took care of the ball as the game went on, the offense played much better overall, Vandy did their usual bit of knocking down every damn shot they threw up and the refs made a lot of poor calls that benefited Vandy, the leading scorer had a terrible day and missed the last four minutes. Yet, this team didn't stop fighting. Down 11 with 7 minutes left and the team didn't buckle.

With all of the legitimate bitching about this team this season, can we have one day where we give these guys a break for busting their humps and winning a big game? Yes, this isn't a great Vandy team, but I've seen far better Alabama teams lose and lose and lose in that godforsaken gym year after year. This was a big fucking win. Enjoy it, damnit

Crimsontider said...

Wow, still catching my breath. And we did it without Releford! Huge win for Alabama, for the second straight Saturday the refs tried to screw us out of a big win in the state of Tennessee. This time it did not work. RTR!!!

39 Steps said...

Is Releford concussed?

Anonymous said...

Breakout game for Copper. Much more aggressive.
Ronald Steele pure hustle, great effort. The whole team never gave up.....That's what we appreciate.

bamalib said...

And here is the Crimson Tide sitting in 2nd Place in the SEC !

Oh--that Vandy game was frustrating and gave me the greatest head ache.

How bad was it?
As bad as Releford's after being assaulted without any foul called upon his assailant.

(Lacy's been frustrated with the lack of fouls in yet another game)

Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobs.. ohhhh.

Nice to hear the ROLL TIDE sung out by the Crimson Tide supporters across the radio and TV coverage ! And it was nice seeing an emotional Grant at the end of the game sharing love with the team.


BamaLib said...

He meant Andrew Steele instead of Ron, and Cooper instead of Copper.

LickCreek said...

Never thought this team would rally back to win this game. Im not sure I saw much improvement but they did show a lot of heart to fight back and win. Even though Vandy is not a very good team its still a huge win since we haven't beat them there since Robert Horry was on the hardwood.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I meant Andrew Steele and Rodney Cooper. You know...well never mind.

BamaLib said...

It's cool. I just noticed earlier I misspelled Trevor's name, and used the Eddie version of Lacy, instead of Lacey. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

No problem BamaLib.....Auburn next!

Murray NA said...

I'll make a test post here.