Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anthony Grant can do something no coach in Bama history has done

Assuming we don't con the selection committee and sneak in as a surprise last 4 team, he has the chance to win 2 tournaments in NYC in a single season. That would be epic. Think about that... in the HISTORY of ALABAMA basketball. ONE HUNDRED YEARS' WORTH!!

Yeah, I'm not getting the warm and fuzzies about the tremendous chance and opportunity either. I'll wait 'til after the season for more commentary.

Reminder, the NCAA Tournament selection show starts at 6PM EST, the NIT one starts at 9PM.

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crimsontider said...

But but but 3 postseasons in 4 years, but but 20 wins again, but but the NIT is great he clearly has us going in the right direction, but but making a field of 68 teams is too hard, and too much to expect after just four years, but but wait this is all part of Grant's 10 year plan, give him about 6 or 7 more years, he'll have us in the dance for sure!!!!