Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bama Back on Bubble, Huge Game Tonight

I have said all along that the December losses reduced our margin of error to such that we would not be able to overcome losses at auburn, LSU, and Florida, but the bubble is incredibly weak this year, and apparently we are still alive.  Joe Lunardi of ESPN has us as the first team out of the tournament.  I could easily dismiss that as a ploy to garner ratings for tonight's game on ESPNU, but even Jerry Palm has us as the 4th team out right now.  I still don't think our resume is particularly impressive, but neither is anyone else's.

Tonight is a must win for both Bama and Ole Miss.  I'm sure Bobbyjack will give us a preview, and I'm too lazy to look up the stats, but in my view the keys to the game for us are:

1) Keep the bigs, especially Moussa, out of foul trouble.  Holloway is going to give us fits.
2)  Defend Henderson, but DON'T deny him the ball.  We want the ball in his hands, I will take my chances with him throwing up bad shots as opposed to their bigs banging on us inside.
3) The Trevors, Cooper, somebody, preferably multiple guys, need to have a good night shooting from downtown.

They've been imploding as of late, but they are still very tough at home.  It will take a great effort to get the win.

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