Friday, March 15, 2013

NCAA Elimination game- SECT Final 8 vs Tennessee

If you want a preview of the Vols here is one from the last time we played them.

I know I've said it before in a few post headlines about Elimination games and such, BUT THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL! Actually, if we win it MIGHT knock UTK out od the NCAAT (they are projected as the last ALB in), but we would still need to do some work to jump about 6 teams for a spot in the big dance. Truth be told we are in a bad position and probably need to win this tournament to make it.

I'm gonna take a different approach to this... keys to US winning the game:
- Releford continuing his hot shooting streak
- Jacobs dropping 10/7
- Some help from Lacey/Cooper/Randolph offensively. They have been erratic as of late
- Control the boards somewhat (read- not get outrebounded by 10+)
- Keep the game in the low 60s

I rarely play the role (as other posters here do a fine job of that), but I'M IN FULL HOMER MODE so I predict a Bammer win.

Game time is listed on the right. On ESPNU and Sadly, I might not be able to watch, but I'll find a radio broadcast and live with it.


Msmilie said...

Great team effort today. So many guys stepped up and played well. Releford, Levi, Nick Jacobs was - gasp! - fantastic on the defensive end today, Retin continues to provide big minutes and I thought Moussa did a good job as well. Cooper and Pollard struggled to put back shots at the rim or their numbers would look better. But everybody played at a high level and that's what you want to see in a high pressure game like that. If our guys finish the LSU game in Baton Rouge, the Florida game, or even a fraction of today's effort against Ole Miss or Auburn, we're not even worrying if Bama's in. Hopefully the team took another step this afternoon.

My only criticism would be Trevor Lacey. At times he plays too loose with the basketball and that will have to improve if he wants to be the point guard. It definitely won't cut it against Florida's perimeter defense. All in all though, great effort by the team today against a UT team that was playing some great basketball. Unfortunately, Alabama will probably have to beat the Gators to have a legitimate shot at an at-large bid. Another huge game tomorrow. Keep the good whiskey at hand.

RAY said...

it's time to get the donovan monkey off our backs. can't think of a better place to do it. beat UF, they're in.