Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Predicting other tourney champs

Some rhyme and reason.

Big East- Georgetown (playing for  #1 seed should motivate them). Louisville is too, but I think they fall short
Big 12 (10)- Kansas
Big 10 (12)- Indiana
ACC- NC State. They could lose their 1st game as well. A feeling on that one.
MWC- San Diego St
CUSA- Memphis
A-10- Temple

Top 4 seeds (in order): Indiana, Georgetown, Duke, Gonzaga


Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

What about the WAC champion? The Denver Pioneers went 16-2! Finally good at something other than hockey and skiing. Here's my predictions:

Big East - Louisville
Big 12 - Kansas
Big 10 - Wisconsin
ACC - Duke
PAC 12 - Cal
CUSA - UAB...just kidding
A10 - St Louis
SEC - Florida

Gonzaga is a very interesting case study this year. They've played no one with a pulse since December. I was watching the MWC tourney and Doug Gottlieb compared them to Notre Dame football. Said they won a few high profile games but the rest of the time beat up on the nobodies. Basically said they are just not going to be battle tested as the teams in the Big 10 and Big East. I'll have to look at the bracket but my gut says the Zags won't make it past the sweet 16.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

Guess I should have kept my mouth shut as Denver loses in the 1st round to lowly Texas State (went 5-13 in conf)

bobbyjack said...

They were probably stoned and overlooked the fighting Dennis Franchione's.

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