Saturday, March 09, 2013

Senior (Andrew Steele) Day- vs UGA

The Dawgs have won their last 2 (UTK and Kentucky), but those were at home . Their only road wins in conference have come at lowly SC Lite and a bi-polar A&M squad (edit- they beat UTK as well). I feel good about our chances to end this 2 game losing streak. On top of that, UGA played Thursday so they are on short rest.

Season stats

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has led the Dawgs the last 7 games in scoring and 13 of the last 14.Also, he's led the team in boards the last 3. He scored almost 1/2 UGA's total points against us in the first meeting (he got hot in the 2nd half). Donte' Williams and John Florveus won't put up much inside offensively, but should keep Jacobs and Gueye busy. Nemanja Djurisic has been coming off the bench to help KCP offensively. He's also active on the glass.

Here is a UGA preview of the game.

Andrew Steele has had a long, hard road here. He's had more injuries than a crash test dummy yet still continues to help the team in spurts and provide leadership. I hope we can send him off in his last game at home with a win.

- .413 FG
- .357 3pt FG
- .692 FT
- 60.8 PPG

Game is 4PM EST on the SEC Network and on


RichTide said...

Cannot believe I wasted a beautiful Saturday afternoon to watch what could have been pre-scripted. Huge Bama lead followed by another epic collapse. Releford saves Grant's job with a prayer. UT escapes with 2 pt win. Bama #4 seed but does it matter?! We are clearly an NIT team...

Msmilie said...

Who cares? It was a huge shot by Releford. You negative ninnies really need to learn to accept the good with the bad with this year's team. You people bitch more when this team wins than when they lose. Three straight 20-win seasons, three straight conference winning seasons, what appears to be three straight postseason appearances. This program is a long way from where we want it to be, but try to embrace what positives there have been.

RAY said...

i hate that 'bama blew the lead they had. but if they were gonna win it like that, i'm just glad for the folks who showed up to see it. they deserved it.

that should be an ESPN top ten replay and there's no justice in the world if it's not with Chris Stewart's call. the man was apeshit, absolutely apeshit. one day we're gonna be rid of eli gold and we'll have a real play-by-play man.

crimsontider said...

What a way to celebrate 100 years of Bama basketball. We have plenty of work to in the SECT. If we beat Tennessee and Florida, which is a tall task but not an impossible one we are in. We should have won by 10, but i'm glad we blew it, and got to win it like that. RTR

Msmilie said...

I think UT, assuming they win on Thursday, is a better match-up for Bama than Missouri would have been. It's going to be tough - McRae gets my vote for SEC Player of the Year, Stokes and Golden are playing well - but I think it's a winnable game.

crimsontider said...

With the way Jacobs has been playing lately, maybe Stokes wont dominate us like he did the two games we played against him this year. I think UT just needs to avoid the bad loss and they are in. We should have beaten them twice, and owe them big time. I do think we can beat Florida, as they have not been great away from the O-Dome. I think McRae very well could win it, but I also think Releford should get consideration for SEC POY.

crimsontider said...

The play of Retin continues to impress me. There is absolutely no reason he should not play 25-30 minutes a game from here on out. None.

RAY said...

o k. go outside and check for the flaming hailstones.

judging by how they played in the pre-conference tournament, i think this team will do well in the conference tournament. do i believe they'll win it all?

no. but i do believe they could make it to sunday. yes, these will still be the same conference teams we've played all season but the neutral venue will make a difference until you play kentucky. (or tennessee)

grant has to figure out two things: how to get maximum effort (when we try, we're usually successful) and avoid the scoring droughts. everybody who pays attention thought we were gonna lose that game sat. fox bailed us out by using all his timeouts and sending somebody other than KCP to the basket. had he called a timeout to set a play, we likely lose. thank god he didn't have one.

everybody here knows my feelings about grant. here's an opportunity to change that. show up sunday and you likely get an at-large to the dance.

good coaches get their team to the dance. we can spew crap about 20 win seasons and how many you have in a row but it's about what you do IN MARCH, IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT.

all the rest is just fluff for the sunshine pumpers.

make the dance, shut up the detractors.

RAY said...

by the way, i'm picking ole miss to win the sec tourney. they are where you want your team right now. held on to beat bama at home. rolled into baton rouge and overcame a hot shooting lsu team to win on the road.

now kennedy can do a friday flop. i've set him up.

crimsontider said...

I got Mizzou.

crimsontider said...

Agreed, he will be back next year but Grant can really take some heat and pressure off if he makes the NCAAT.