Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Moussa Gueye to transfer. Cites style of play

Not even a day after the season is officially over and we get what seems to be a yearly surprise transfer. Again.

I suspect this isn't the last one we have...


crimsontider said...

"Cites style of play" Theres a shocker....

crimsontider said...

"It will be very exciting for you guys, the fans to watch. It will be a very exciting style of play for the players to play"- Anthony Grant 3/27/09

crimsontider said...

"I suspect this isn't the last one we have........." What are you hearing Bobby?

RAY said...

Again, from DJC earlier:" sitting close to the bench, I can occasionally hear things being said by the coaching staff or players, but sitting just a little bit closer last night I could hear almost all of the instructions Coach Grant was yelling out during the game. Of course, some of the terminology is specific to our system and not readily understandable, but what really struck me was how much instruction Moussa Gueye requires on offense. As far as I can tell, Moussa does not do anything on offense without Coach Grant's instruction. Every single possession it was "other side Moose", "Moussa, Post!" "Moussa, C'mon" (this meant go set a high ball screen.) "Roll Moose" (Of course this would follow the ball screen.). When he got called for 3 seconds, Coach Grant did not even get onto him for it, he just turned around and given the expression on his face, I think Coach believed it was his fault for not instructing him to get out of the lane.

bobbyjack said...

History... we have lost at least 2 a yr to transfer/leaving the program under Grant. Knox/Jemison, Durant/Carter, Hankerson/Eblen, Gueye/??

If Grant wants to run the defense he is running we need bodies. While Gueye will never be mistaken for Dikembe Mutombo, he was serviceable on the defensive side and I thought he was gaining confidence in his hook shot.

Msmilie said...

"Style of play", my foot. Moussa is a bright guy. He knows with Taylor
and Hale coming in, along with the return of Engstrom and Jacobs, minutes
will be hard to come by next season. With only one season left, he wants
to go somewhere he can actually play. Makes sense to me. A lot of you
guys made cutting remarks about him all season (many of them justified),
but now that he's leaving it's got to be something Grant did, right?

Look around. Players with a heck of a lot more talent and
minutes played at other schools are transferring, like Ricky Tarrant for example. As I've posted before, the transferring of players at the college level is becoming a problem due to the sheer numbers. At least Moussa
graduated before leaving. That helps the APR and allows Moussa the opportunity to play immediately wherever he ends up.

crimsontider: what is the percentage of D-1 teams with a full roster of scholarship players? I'll wait.

CrowTide said...

This only helps us in my opinion. He was a liability on both ends of the floor. He knew he wouldn't get much playing time with engstrom coming back and the new guys coming in. He improved on the defensive end but he could not get an offensive rebound if it hit him in the hands. A guy thatsize sshould dominate the glass.

PC said...

With the way we recruit, losing any body with any experience is NOT good.

DJC said...

He would have played and helped us next year, but obviously with much reduced minutes versus what he saw this year. Style of play? Exactly what type of system doesn't require the center to run back up the court on offense? Because that's really the only type of system that would fit him.

It would be nice to have the extra body for 4 or 5 minutes and a few fouls per game, and I can sort of understand him not wanting to lose minutes his senior year, but in reality, any team that he goes to that would rely on him to play as much as we did last year, is not going to be a very good team. It's not like the guy has a promising pro career ahead of him.

I wish him the best of luck. He played hard for us and seemed to be a good guy and good teammate. I will say this, Coach Grant rode his ass hard, going all the way back to the preseason scrimmages. I thought Coach Grant expected a little too much out of Moussa (maybe out of necessity) but I wonder if that factored into the decision?

Also, the end of the season banquet was last night. One of these years, I am going to actually attend, but it seems that other obligations always get in the way. Anyway, congratulations to Trever Releford for winning the Most Outstanding Player award, Andrew Steele for winning the hustle award, Retin Obasohan the Most Improved, and Levi Randolph for winning the Academic Excellence awards.

CrowTide said...

He didn't have the talent level needed to even be in a weak SEC. He was a waste of scholarship to start with. So I do agree that our recruiting has stunk, especially the post players Grant has recruited. Hopefully the guys coming in this year will be an improvement.

PC said...

Hipsher said today Moussa wants to eventually play pro in Europe. Check out Hipsher's interview on ESPN 97.3 The Zone. At first Hipsher sounds nervous talking about Grant, but then sells Grant's dedication to succeeding at Bama.

Msmilie said...

Didn't see it featured on their page. Got a link?

PC said...


CrowTide said...

If Moussa can play pro in Europe then anyone in the SEC can. As painful as it was to watch SEC basketball I'd hate to watch a European game.

RAY said...

i'll be the first to admit i was wrong about moose. i really thought that with some practice, playing time and experience, his game would improve. IF what DJC relayed to us about Grant's detailed instruction to moose during the NE game in the NIT is accurate, injuries didn't explain his deficiencies.

how in the world was he rated a four star by the recruiting services??? what kind of system was he in in JUCO?? is he recovering from multiple concussions? (not a serious question) i find it hard to believe that a four-star rated recruit coming out of JUCO where he's been seen playing at a level higher than high school can receive that rating when he's being told where to be on the court, during a game, after being in grant's system for two years. it just doesn't jibe. this behavior didn't just pop up.

i was wrong about moose but i, quite apparently, wasn't the only one.

but again, until alabama athletics moves to improve things around the basketball program, we can't expect any coach, much less anthony grant, to recruit the kind of talent we need to compete w/ florida and kentucky. if we can't keep in-state players we want at home, it's hopeless. and that's just for starters.

things have got to change in coleman. i'm not interested in coming in fourth in a crap basketball league.

RAY said...

it would be great to listen to the interview with hipster but, as usual, somebody at the "zone" screwed it up. click on the podcast and you get the barons interview.

i gave these guys a chance and listened in the morning after the bama loss @ auburn. listened to scarbinsky whine for literally 15 minutes about a ticket he got on the way home from the game.

what a bunch of losers.

RAY said...

"hipsher' spell check. sheesh.

crimsontider said...

BobbyJack made my point in his post below, Moussa may not be very good, but Alabama needs as many body's as they can if they want to run Grant's system. The fact that we have this kind of attrition every year is concerning, especially when the guy who left, who was a 4 star recruit, (does not speak much to CAG's ability to develop players), complains about the style of play. There is no reason we should have this much attrition every year. It's not like these guy's are going to NBA, in his four years, Grant has not sent ONE single player to the NBA. The players just leave the program, that is odd, and something is not adding up with the way the program is being run. As for your question, I am not sure what the percentage of D-1 teams have full rosters, but if 16 or more do, I expect Alabama to be one of them, that is what Grant's paycheck says, and that is the standard I will hold him to. Anthony Grant is not paid that kind of money to be in the middle of the pack.

RAY said...

cm newton's record v. UK as head coach of alabama: 7-18

wimp's: (slightly better) 11-18

gottfried: (in what has to be described as a down period for kentucky basketball) 5-8

david hobbs: 0-7

gottfried v. donovan: (i use donovan only because his hiring signaled a genuine commitment to championship b'ball by UF) 3-12

we'll not talk 'bama v. UK or UF in national championships. i think that's pretty obvious.

want i should research, say, kevin stallings' at vandy record v. alabama, CT??

we've watched mississippi state make a final four, CT.

this happens because we don't compete for the player they do and year after year lose blue chip in-state recruits.

it happened with c. m. with wimp. with hobbs. with gottfried.

if you pay any attention around here, you know my feelings about grant. ut the simple fact is we don't compete w/ UK or UF on the court or off (recruiting). UK has consistently poached the best players from Alabama for years.

i said when it happened Gerald Wallace made a mistake when he signed w/ 'bama, one could argue Richard Hendrix did too and i don't think there's any question knowing what we know now the two-time alabama mr. basketball Trevor Lacey would have been better off at a school who has a genuine commitment to basketball.

in-state recruits that don't see this are constantly reminded by recruiters from other schools, you can bet on that.

i think Frank Martin at USCe is a proven coach but he will not succeed there if he doesn't recruit there. period. and he won't sign blue chippers if they don't see a true commitment.

RAY said...

Speaking of mistakes in choosing programs, my god I forgot Ron Steele. Threw away a lottery pick NBA career to play for Mark Gottfried and Alabama.