Monday, April 22, 2013

Wendell Hudson Resigns

We normally stick to the men's team at this blog, but this was a news item I felt should be posted (and discussed?). Wendell Hudson, who was head coach of the women's team for the last five years, stepped down today. It is the first significant decision that Bill Battle, the newly appointed AD at Alabama, has made. Battle says it was a mutual decision between he and Hudson, though it's hard to imagine Hudson was in any position to argue after a five year record of 68-87 (14-64 in conference games). The university has announced they will begin a "national search" for a new head coach immediately.

As difficult as it has been for the men's program to gain a foothold during the course of its existence, one would imagine it's been ten times harder for the women's program. Nevertheless, the women's program does have a leg up on the men in that 1994 Final Four appearance and had a sustained run of success under Rick Moody from 1992 to 1999 in which the program made the NCAA Tournament every year during that span and did no worse than the NCAA second round, including that Final Four and four straight years in the Sweet Sixteen after that. Like the men's program, there have been moments of success, but consistency remains elusive.

Fortunately, Hudson will be retained by the university in an "administrative position". How would you guys feel about Wendell Hudson possibly joining Anthony Grant's staff at some point? Do you think that is even a possibility?


DJC said...

Hell no to Hudson joining the men's staff. I like him in an administrative role, but his team's really had no redeeming qualities as far as I could tell.

There are rumors that Madonna Thompson is the leading candidate. She has done an outstanding job at Shelton State, and obviously knows and loves UA basketball, but I hope we at least reach out beyond the city limits of Tuscaloosa in searching for a replacement. It's a HUGE step to go from JUCO to the SEC. Keep in mind Stephanie Smith also had some success at MTSU before being a complete bust at UA. Given the current state of the program, it will likely be difficult to recruit a proven coach at a higher level.

Msmilie said...

I know Wendell didn't get the job done as a head coach, but he was a long-time assistant coach at other places before taking the women's gig in T-Town. I don't think his record as a head coach should determine whether or not he could be a good assistant. Regardless, I'm just glad Alabama didn't completely kick him to the curb.

I'll admit, my knowledge of the women's game is limited so I don't have any opinions on the coaching search. I do hope they can get that program rolling again though, because they had great success in the 90s. And I like to see all Alabama teams do well.