Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bama to play Texas Tech on November 14

They are including Texas Tech's return trip as part of the Big 12/SEC Challenge.  We play them in Tuscaloosa on Thursday, November 14.  It will be the first game of the challenge.

The other matchups are:

Vandy at Texas
auburn at Iowa State
West Virginia at Mizzou
Ole Miss at Kansas State
TCU at Mississippi State
South Carolina at Oklahoma State
Kentucky vs Baylor (Arlington, TX)
Kansas at Florida
Texas A&M v. Oklahoma (Houston, TX)

Looking at these matchups, it will be difficult for the SEC to get 5 wins, in my opinion.


Msmilie said...

That stinks. I was hoping for a higher profile Big 12 opponent, but oh well. I was struck by the date, November 14th. That's early for a game like that. The host rounds of the NIT must be earlier in the week or the week before.

I think the SEC has an opportunity to do well in this challenge. Outside of Auburn/Iowa State and South Carolina/Oklahoma State, the rest of the games are toss-ups in my opinion. The matchups themselves don't do a lot for me though. Kansas/Florida is big time and UK/Baylor could be interesting, but Oklahoma State is expected to be a Big 12 contender and they're matched up with South Carolina??? Iowa State will be expected to finish in the top half of the Big 12 and they're paired up with Auburn??? If these uneven matchups are due to previously scheduled games between SEC/Big 12 teams, then the conferences and ESPN should have just dealt with it and created the best matchups regardless. Seriously, what casual college basketball fan is going to tune in to some of these games?

crimsontider said...

What a complete rip off. Calling a home game, against a team, that lost 23 games last year, and that you were contractually obligated to play the "Big 12 SEC challenge." Side note: Did anyone see where Isaac Haas eliminated us from consideration? Darn.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

Agreed...we got the shaft. CAG has some tough scheduling options. If we make it to NY for the NIT then we'll play either Duke or Arizona, obviously big time RPI boosters. No way we match up with Rutgers. Coach K has dibs on that one. If CAG assumes we'll be in NY then he won't likely schedule a sexy name to make up for what we were hoping to be an Oklahoma-like opponent. Still I'd like to see another big name made for ESPN non conf game, even if on the road or neutral. For purely personal reasons that include an easy flight and it's a city I love to visit, Bama vs ND in Chicago. But getting to NY isn't a given as the no name early round teams are usually good. So I'd play it safe and schedule up. Any other rumors out there about non conf games? Do we owe Tulane a return game? Thankfully the Dayton and VCU series are done.

DJC said...

I would not think we would have agreed to a home and home with Tulane, so I doubt we will be going down there, although I'm always up for a trip to NOLA. I agree, I would like to schedule one more decent team even if on the road with no return trip. I would also like to see a good name team come to Tuscaloosa. Home games against directional state technical college in December do little to generate interest.

DJC said...

It is the first game of the challenge, and nearly 2 weeks before most of the other games. I believe the NIT qualifying games will actually come after the Texas Tech game.

Msmilie said...

Yep, you're right. The NCAA site lists the first and second round dates as November 18-20.